Chabad Rabbi Professor Launches Beginners’ Digital Marketing Course

Rabbi Professor Danny Gavin, the founder of award-winning digital marketing agency Optidge, has launched a beginners’ digital marketing course online for men and women looking for a well-paying + flexible income. Full Story

Houston Chabad rabbi + university professor launches beginners’ digital marketing course online for anash looking for a well-paying + flexible income. 

Sign up for a Special Webinar to learn more about a career in Digital Marketing and ODEO Academy either this Sunday Night, February 21st at 8:30pm EST or Sunday Night, February 28th at 8:30pm EST

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation.

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Why Huawei Mate 40 Pro Was The Best Photography Smartphone In 2020

The Huawei Mate 40 Pro sports the best camera array of any smartphone made in 2020. Here’s how it compares to iPhone 12 Pro and Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Huawei did not miss a beat in delivering the most impressive cameras in a smartphone in 2020 with the Mate 40 Pro. As a result, this is arguably the best phone for anyone looking for a camera-centric device right now. That’s as long as everything else is overlooked, including the many problems and challenges Huawei currently faces in not only sourcing parts, but selling smartphones in the U.S.

Huawei typically has a

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Ogden School District Launches Free Internet Network To Connect Students At Home

OGDEN, Utah – Ogden School District officials have been working on a network to get high-speed internet to students who don’t normally have it at home for the last year, and they say it’s ready.

The network will provide students with free internet access for virtual learning and homework, and the hotspots will cost a tenth of what the district is paying for third-party access. 

There are some students who just like school. 

“I get to learn things,” said Hannah Dickinson, a senior at Ogden High School. “I want to become a physical therapist, and I kind of have to

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WordPress 5.6.2 Update is Largely Successful

WordPress rolled out a bug fix update, version 5.6.2. Aside from an issue affecting Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg plugin, the update is largely successful, publishers are encouraged to update.

WordPress 5.6.2

WP 5.6.2 is called a Maintenance Update. A maintenance update is one that is meant to fix bugs introduced by a previous update. Because a maintenance update fixes problems, it is generally recommended that publishers update their WordPress to the latest version.

Bug Fixes

The latest update fixes a problem introduced with version 5.6.1. That issue was called the “Leave site? Changes you made may not be saved” bug.

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Will Quantum Computers Truly Serve Humanity?

From the very earliest times in recorded human history, new technologies have been used for both positive and negative reasons.

Scientists such as Robert Oppenheimer, whose work ultimately led to the development of nuclear weapons, have been only too aware of how technology can be harnessed by society in ways that raise ethical challenges.

Our experience with computers is no different. New technologies have made life easier in many ways, yet we can see that when controls are lacking it can lead to unforeseen societal outcomes.

We are now on the threshold of a new computer technology era more powerful

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