3 tips to boost your digital marketing in 2021

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While 2020 wasn’t great from most perspectives, it was a banner year for digital marketing. As consumers hunkered down at home, they spent more time and money online.

Do not expect digital marketing to lose its value in 2021. Shopping habits are sticky. Even as consumers venture out more as the pandemic recedes, they’ll continue to log on.

Your marketing investments need to reflect market realities. Make sure your digital marketing game is where it needs to be to compete in 2021:

1. Outsource what’s outside your specialty


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Eyestrain? Blame the time spent on your smartphone

Many of us are now aware of the time we spend on devices. After the working day is finished, we switch to our second screen mobile or tablets to socialize with our friends. But a new study shows that it is actually our smartphone that is having the most impact on our health.

A recent study by London, England online contact lens supplier Lenstore has revealed which countries across the world spend the most time looking at their screens. It studied 40 countries to identify the most popular digital devices and average screen time in each region.

There are 5.2

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Guide to using Xbox Series X, Series S online: Networking, fixing lag, slow download speeds, and more

Xbox Series X PortsSource: Matt Brown | Windows Central

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S promise to be the fastest and most powerful Xbox consoles yet. For many games, though, this doesn’t matter if your connection to the internet is tenuous or unreliable. In this Xbox Series X|S networking guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about connecting your console to the internet, ensuring your connection is smooth and consistent, and making the most of online multiplayer games. Follow these in-depth tips and tricks if you have any problems getting online.

A catalog of games

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

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WordPress Boots Pirated Themes and Plugins

WordPress.org announced that plugins and themes that are pirated versions of paid plugins and themes will be removed from the official WordPress repositories. The WordPress community debated if that approach violated the WordPress Open Source GPL license that allows derivative works to be distributed.

The announcement itself affirmed that premium plugins are developed under the GPL that allows the creation of derivative works. But it also reserved the right

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Amazon funds equitable computer science curriculum | Technology & AI

Amazon has made a US$15 million donation via its computer science education program, Amazon Future Engineer, to non-profit Code.org to support the development and launch of a new equity-minded Advanced Placement computer science programming curriculum.

While the new curriculum will teach students the same tools and concepts as the existing AP Computer Science A (AP CSA) course, it is built inclusively to take into account the unique cultural perspectives, interests, and experiences of Black, Latino, Native American (BLNA), and other minority students. 

By using a research-backed and culturally responsive approach to teaching in the curriculum, Code.org and Amazon Future Engineer

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