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With WFH now being the norm at least for some, it is tempting to speculate that well-established gigantic tech hubs like Silicon Valley are on track to becoming ghost towns, while employees scatter across different cities.   

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For many tech workers, stuck in small flats and paying an exorbitant rent just to be within commuting distance of company headquarters in huge hubs like Silicon Valley, the global switch to remote work caused by the COVID-19 pandemic unlocked the possibility of telecommuting to work from a cheaper, greener, better location. 

Leading technology companies were soon promising their workers that the



Most aspiring marketing professionals know that real-world experience can ultimately set you apart. It’s the get-your-feet-wet, in-the-ring type of learning that springboards you from a good potential marketing employee to a great one.

The Digital Marketing Competition, powered by Purdue Northwest University and Amplified Digital Agency, brings that real-world experience to the forefront by allowing marketing visionaries to showcase their gifts in the field – and have some fun while doing it!

The Fall Digital Marketing Competition is now open for registration!

The Digital Marketing Competition (DMC) is exactly as it sounds – a competition where college students develop


The wide selection of available smartphone accessories out there is a mixed bag. All those options for high-quality accessories are great, of course. But there are so many different choices out there that people often have trouble making decisions. Needless to say, we’re here to help you narrow things down to the very best products.

People often choose pricey gadgets thinking that the high cost equates to quality. But that’s definitely not always the case. Here, we’ve rounded up five extremely popular smartphone accessories that everyone should have. Best of all, each one costs just $20 or less!

Today’s Top


Amazon’s Kindle e-readers with built-in 3G will begin to lose the ability to connect to the internet on their own in the US in December, according to an email sent to customers on Wednesday. The change is due to mobile carriers transitioning from older 2G and 3G networking technology to newer 4G and 5G networks. For older Kindles without Wi-Fi, this change could mean not connecting to the internet at all.

As Good e-Reader first noted in June, newer Kindle devices with 4G support should be fine, but for older devices that shipped with support for 3G and Wi-Fi


Starting Friday, Facebook is bringing its nascent cloud gaming service to iPhones and iPads through a web app people will be able to add to their homescreens like a native app. The site will let you play simple web games like Solitaire and match-threes and stream more graphically intensive titles like racing games.

But thanks to Apple’s rules, it’s unclear how people will find it, since third-party developers like Facebook are barred from steering their app users to websites featuring purchasing mechanisms that aren’t Apple’s own. It’s a huge point of friction with not just Facebook, but other gaming companies


WordPress is an amazingly powerful and flexible tool. But like any tool, its wide array of options means it’s easy to make mistakes using it.

While all of these mistakes will adversely affect your website, some can be absolutely devastating. That’s why it’s so important to know what they are so you can avoid them.

In this article, you’ll find 10 common WordPress mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Using Poorly-Coded Themes

This is the first and most important thing to look at because it forms the foundation for your SEO efforts, and frankly, most themes suck in this


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