I’ve just arrived in the UK to a shedload of samples and stuff I’ve ordered from Amazon etc… first off – a lady over here called Marianne Wilson (her UK-based company is called PRotocol) sent me a “Defender door handle alarm” from another UK-based company called Solon Security and is available from Defender Security Products. I can’t vouch for the latter either way but this tiny device looks like it might have a use or two.

Christmas 2022 General Goodies – Scargill’s Tech Blog

The idea is to leave it on a metal door handle, in, say, a hotel. – armed. If someone touches the door

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Top 10 Most Popular CRM Apps For Ecommerce

In recent times, enterprises are centering their focus on maintaining good relationships with their customers, hence they are considering CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. The CRM software is also facilitating them with various tools for simplifying their online sales comprising product inventory, order, delivery & payment processing, promotion, and marketing. 

At present, eCommerce CRM software is mostly in-demand and businesses are integrating them into their system to maintain and grow customer relations. Better customer relations help enterprises to gain growth opportunities, brand loyalty, a wide customer base, and so on. This is what eCommerce CRM has offered businesses. 

In the

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The Ultimate NFT Marketing Guide For Your NFTs

Marketing and advertising are one of the most important aspects of any marketing strategy, irrespective of whether you want to sell NFTs or drive investments for your cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, the trend of NFTs and cryptocurrencies has gone viral in the last couple of years. 

Bitcoin came as a surprising digital currency in the decentralized market, and today we have 20000 digital currencies in the market. At the same time, finding the best NFT marketing agency for your next crypto project is more challenging than it looks. You have to consider a wide range of factors starting from

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Ever want to play with an FPGA, but don’t have the hardware? Now, if you have one of those ever-abundant Pi Picos, you can start playing with Verilog without getting an FPGA board. The FakePGA project by [tvlad1234], based on the Verilator toolkit, provides you with a way to compile Verilog into C++ for the RP2040. FakePGA even integrates RP2040 GPIOs so that they work as digital pins for the simulated GPIOs, making it a significant step up from computer-aided FPGA code simulation

[tvlad1234] provides instructions for setting this up with Linux – Windows, though untested, could theoretically run this

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Sometimes you pick a project because the world needs it to be done. Or maybe you or a friend need it. Or maybe you don’t really need it, but it fulfills a longstanding dream. In my mind, the last stop before you reach “why am I doing this” is the “just because” hack.

In Praise Of “Just Because” HacksThe ideal “just because” hack is limited in scope. You don’t want to spend years on a whimsical project, and because of this a “just because” hack isn’t usually motivating enough to keep you going that long anyway, except for the tenacious few. A “just because” doesn’t

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Say, you’re starting your electronics journey with a few projects in mind. You have an ESP8266 board like the Wemos D1, a Li-Ion battery, you want to build a small battery-powered sensor that wakes up every few minutes to do something, and you don’t want to delve into hardware too much for now. Well then, does [Mads Chr. Olesen] have a tutorial for you! Here, you’ll learn the quick and easy way to get your sensor up and running, learn a few tricks for doing sleep Arduino environment, and even calculate how long your specific battery could last.

You’ll need

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