Do you want to delete desktop icons on your Ubuntu computer but don’t know how? This guide is for you, as it provides multiple methods to do that.

This guide will teach you three methods to delete a desktop icon in Ubuntu. Thus, the first section will demonstrate how to execute this task through the context menu.

Meanwhile, you will learn how to delete a desktop icon on your Ubuntu PC through the file manager in the second section. The third section, however, teaches how to perform this task by using the rm command in the Ubuntu terminal.

Asides from

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Gaming technology has made significant progress in the last couple of years. Gaming consoles and PCs can be more efficient than ever; the latest gaming laptop technology has completely revolutionized the gaming world.

With the latest high-performance processors, such as the latest 11th generation Intel i7, i9, and the latest graphics cards, Gaming laptops today can provide an outstanding gaming experience with high-definition graphics and an immersive game experience.

Like the title implies in

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Are you ready for it? Single’s Day online shopping festival is here and we are more than ready and happy for it! 

In China the 11th of November marks Single’s Day, an entertaining festival on which young Chinese celebrate the fact that they are proud of being single. The name describes itself if you look at the date…it’s 1 and 1, and 1 and 1, all singles! So Single’s day, also revered to as 11.11, has turned into a commercial holiday where young Chinese people treat their self with gifts and presents often bought online. Gradually the festival has grown

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Much of the Northern Hemisphere is currently in the middle of winter, so what better way to brighten a potentially gloomy day than to put this charming, minimalist weather display on your desk.

[Joe] has created a weather gauge that uses two servo motors to position mechanical pointers to indicate weather symbols and time ranges. The electronics consists of a push button and two SG90 servos driven by a Raspberry Pi Zero W 2. The case is 3D printed including the pointers attached to the servos and the button brim of the switch. The Raspberry Pi Zero W 2

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As the smartphone has eaten ever more of the gatgets with which we once surrounded ourselves, it’s with some sadness that we note the calculator becoming a less common sight. It’s with pleasure then that we bring you [Nekopla]’s keychain calculator, not least because it’s a little more than a conventional model. This is a calculator which uses Reverse Polish Notation, or RPN.

A full write-up in Japanese (Google Translate link) carries an impressive level of detail about the project, but in short, it takes an Arduino Pro Micro, an array of keys, and an OLED display,

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As many people have pointed out, what matters with USB-C isn’t just the standard, it’s the implementations. After all, it’s the implementations that we actually have to deal with, and it’s where most of the problems with USB-C arise. There is some fault to the standard, like lack of cable markings from the get-go, but at this point, I’m convinced that the USB-C standard is a lot better than some people think.

I’d like to walk you through a few USB-C implementations in real, open-source, adjacent, and just interesting products. They’re all imperfect in some way – it can’t be

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