Ads on the Shopify App Store launched in February 2020 to provide a new way for app developers to accelerate their business growth by directly advertising to merchants looking for apps. For those taking advantage of this new channel, learning how to optimize ads in the Shopify App Store is the key to finding success. 

In this article, we discuss the different considerations to take into account when planning an ad campaign for the Shopify App Store.

How ads work

Before we dive in, let’s take a quick refresher on how ads in the Shopify App Store work. 

Advertisers compete


Hardware hackers of a certain age likely got started with microcontrollers via the RCA 1802 — a relatively easy-to-use processor that was the subject of several excellent articles in Popular Electronics magazine back in the late 1970s. [Al’s Geek Lab] has an interview with [Hugh Anderson], who saw the articles and eventually designed the HUG1802, which may be the first microcontroller kit designed and sold in New Zealand.

The 1802 was very attractive at the time since it was inexpensive, static, didn’t require exotic voltages, and had a DMA system that allowed you to load software without complex ROMs. He


The computer world looks different from behind a TeleType or other hardcopy terminal. Things that tend to annoy people about Unix or Linux these days were perfectly great when you were printing everything the computer said to you. Consider the brevity of most basic commands. When yoo copy a file, for example, it doesn’t really tell you much other than it returns you to the prompt when it is done. If you are on a modern computer working with normal-sized files locally, not a big deal. But if you are over a slow network or with huge files, it would


Useful. Simple. Free. You’re not going to find a better opportunity on the web.

Google Alerts, which can be done quickly and easily by any individual or business, is one of the many free and useful online tools that Google offers. After a brief setup of Google alerts for your company, you’ll monitor your own online presence and keep a close eye on the topics and search terms and queries most important to you and your business.

Stay on top of real-time mentions, media coverage, new content, and competitors, all without having to invest in an expensive monitoring


Today’s commerce landscape is marked by ever-evolving trends and frequent product updates. It can be hard to keep track of what information you really need to know and what skills you need to learn in order for your business to thrive. 

Over the last few years, Shopify Academy has helped you learn what you want, the way you want. The collection of self-paced courses, guides, and exams enables you and your team to develop critical commerce skills, test your knowledge, and demonstrate your expertise as a Shopify Partner.

Now we’re taking it a step further by launching Shopify Certifications,


Section groups is a new feature that levels up theme architecture. Before the introduction of this new feature, Sections Everywhere were not everywhere—you could not add a section or app in the header and footer area of a theme. 

This resulted in limited design flexibility from the editor and forced merchants and apps to edit and inject code in the theme which took them off the theme upgrade path. This opened up the merchant to a whole host of potential problems, such as not being able to get bug fixes and new features.

With section groups, those concerns are no


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