CHICAGO (WLS) — Lurie Children’s Hospital said it is investigating a “cyber security matter” as computers, internet and phones remained down for a fifth day Sunday as part of a system-wide network outage.

“We are taking this very seriously and have launched an investigation with the support of leading experts and are working in collaboration with law enforcement agencies. As part of our response to this matter, we have proactively taken network systems offline,” hospital administrators said in a statement. “We recognize the concern and inconvenience the systems outage may cause our patient families and community providers, and are working

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The digital marketing ecosystem is full of trends that flicker and fizzle faster than your Instagram stories. Mention Vine to a Gen Z colleague and see what happens.

It takes a discerning marketer to know where their brand should invest time and resources. Here is a roundup of the top social media opportunities where brands will confidently see momentum in 2024.

1. Artificial intelligence as a collaborator

2023 claimed to be the year of AI, but few marketers did more than play with early edition tools. 2024 is poised to be the year of properly putting AI to work, particularly

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Meta Shares Soar After Hours on Earnings Beat, Dividend

February 01, 2024 04:40 PM EST

Meta (META) shares jumped 13% to a record high in extended trading Thursday after the company blew past analyst estimates with its quarterly earnings report and announced a quarterly dividend.

Net income more than tripled to more than $14 billion in the fourth quarter, as revenue surged to more than $40 billion. Expenses declined 8% year-over-year, with much of the savings coming from a 22% reduction in headcount.

Meta said it would start paying a quarterly dividend, which will start at 50 cents a share.

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News Media Takes More Hits In Another Week Of Deep Cuts With Fintechs PayPal And Block Reporting Big Workforce Reductions 

As January gives way to February, tech layoffs of U.S. workers continue to mount.

Fintech giants PayPal and Block lead the counts in this week’s tracker with layoffs affecting 2,500 and 1,000 workers, respectively. San Jose, California-based PayPal’s cuts, according to a staff communication from CEO Alex Chriss, were made in an effort to “right-size” the company. And Oakland, California’s Block, reported that it cut staff focused on its Cash App, Foundational and Square divisions.

Last week’s report that Amazon

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Jan 15, 2024NewsroomWebsite Security / Vulnerability

Balada Injector Infects Over 7,100 WordPress Sites Using Plugin Vulnerability

Thousands of WordPress sites using a vulnerable version of the Popup Builder plugin have been compromised with a malware called Balada Injector.

First documented by Doctor Web in January 2023, the campaign takes place in a series of periodic attack waves, weaponizing security flaws in WordPress plugins to inject backdoor designed to redirect visitors of infected sites to bogus tech support pages, fraudulent lottery wins, and push notification scams.

Subsequent findings unearthed by Sucuri have revealed the massive scale of the operation, which is said to have been active

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With a tough retail environment continuing unabated throughout 2023 and on-sale promotions becoming almost BAU for many, the average CEO could ask their CMO if planning themed sales weeks, like Cyber Week, are still needed at all going into 2024.

Based on data from the most recent 2023 Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions, the answer is a resounding yes. According to Abode Analytics, online sales for Cyber Week, including the five days from Thanksgiving, were up 7.8% compared to last year – with $12.4 billion in e-commerce sales on Cyber Monday alone.

For many brands, paid

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