Canalys: Apple was the only company to register smartphone sales growth in Q2 2020

The global smartphone market declined 14% in the second quarter of 2020, with most companies shipping fewer phone units compared to last year. Apple was the only top vendor to grow this quarter according to a new Canalys research. The report mentions that Apple shipped 45.1 million iPhone units globally in the last quarter, representing a 25% year-over-year growth.

The COVID-19 pandemic directly affected the smartphone market in 2020, which has faced a global drop in recent months. 284.7 million smartphones were shipped in the second quarter of 2020, while 331.8 million units were shipped in the same period of

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Health Ministry launches revamped COVID-19 tracking app

The Health Ministry announced a new version of its contact tracing app on Monday, promising an array of new features, which it said would help boost its accuracy.

A key tool in containing the spread is epidemiological, or contact, tracing — investigations that seek to identify and send into self-quarantine all those who may have been exposed to patients in the days before they were diagnosed, hopefully cutting off the spread.

The first version of HaMagen (The Shield), which was released in March, worked by tracking its users via their phones’ built-in GPS, and correlating their location history (which was

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Features and Changes Theme Authors Should Know About – WordPress Tavern

August 11, the target release date for WordPress 5.5, is just shy of two weeks away. For developers who have not been completely on top of the upcoming release, now is a good time to start looking at how changes might affect their projects. Theme authors in particular can expect several new features and some breaking changes.

For the most part, WordPress 5.5 will introduce new features that theme developers can begin to add to their themes. However, the two biggest changes that could negatively impact their themes will be automatic updates and direct HTML changes to the custom logo

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Bing Launches URL Submissions Plugin for WordPress – WordPress Tavern

Bing has launched its first official plugin for WordPress aimed at helping site owners get their content indexed immediately. Instead of waiting for a bingbot to crawl the site, the plugin notifies Bing of any new or updated content automatically using its Submit URL API.

“Bing believes that the future for search engines is less about crawling to discover content and more about sharing new and updated content across the web, a fundamental shift in the way that search engines handle web sites,” Bing Product Manager Fabrice Canel said. “Instead of monitoring RSS, sitemaps and HTML pages to check

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Tech giants unveil breakthroughs at computer vision summit – TechCrunch

Computer vision summit CVPR has just (virtually) taken place, and like other CV-focused conferences, there are quite a few interesting papers. More than I could possibly write up individually, in fact, so I’ve collected the most promising ones from major companies here.

Facebook, Google, Amazon and Microsoft all shared papers at the conference — and others too, I’m sure — but I’m sticking to the big hitters for this column. (If you’re interested in the papers deemed most meritorious by attendees and judges, the nominees and awards are listed here.)


Redmond has the most interesting papers this year,

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WordPress to Stick with Online-Only Meetups and WordCamps for Remainder of 2020 – WordPress Tavern

photo credit: Burst

The WordPress Community Team has officially updated its guidelines for WordCamps to be online-only events for the remainder of 2020. The six WordCamps on the schedule through the end of the year were already planning on using an online format but the guidelines also include local meetups.

“The team acknowledges that this is not easy for the community that has been heavily based on in-person events and encounters,” Timi Wahalahti said in the announcement. “Unfortunately, the global coronavirus situation does not seem to be slowing down to a level that would allow us organizing in-person

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