Best WordPress business themes of 2021

Best WordPress business themes of 2021

If you’ve got a business, you need an online presence. This is really no longer an optional extra. The popular website builder and optional web hosting solution that is WordPress is an excellent starting point, mainly thanks to its extreme versatility. Many companies have created themes to cater to anyone’s needs, and we’re gathered five of the best business themes to help you hit the ground running.

Bridge (Image credit: Qode Interactive)

1. Bridge

Highly powerful and versatile theme, with practically endless possibilities

The WordPress theme Bridge proclaims to be ideally suited to any of your website’s needs. It is an incredibly flexible and customisable theme, packed with hundreds of demos, which are in fact fully functioning websites. Select the one you want, apply it to your site and customise it to your heart’s content. In that respect, it’s ideal as a business template. You can create landing pages, connect it to WooCommerce for an online store, they have ‘demos’ for creative businesses, more formal ones, blogs, you name it, it’s catered for.