New Zealand students prototype their own Samoan language app with iPad

After brainstorming ideas and creating wireframes for their app, the students divided into content creation teams, sketching illustrations with Apple Pencil, creating animations in Keynote, and recording voice overs using the iPad’s built-in microphone.

Testing was also an important part of the process. “This is where we discovered bugs in our prototype, and got feedback on how we could improve our app,” says Amelia Abohay, a year 6 student. “A lot of different groups around our school helped by telling us what they liked and didn’t like, and giving us ideas for how we could make it even better.”   


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‘WidgetPod’ brings Now Playing widget for Music apps on iOS

iOS 14 brought the ability to add widgets to the iPhone and iPad Home screen, and Apple itself offers some widgets for apps like Notes, Reminders, and Music. However, one of my main complaints against the official Music widget is that it only shows the recently played songs.

WidgetPod is a new app that comes to solve exactly that with a Now Playing widget that works for both Apple Music and Spotify.

There are other apps that offer Now Playing widgets, but WidgetPod is focused on just that — and it offers great customization options for changing the style of

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How to Get the Most Out of Your iPhone’s Health App

Apple introduced the Health app back in 2014 (with iOS 8) and it’s been baked into every iPhone since. Over the last several years, Apple has continued to build out the Health app, adding new features (such as ECG and sleep tracking) and even opening it to third-party apps. And today, the Health app is actually a pretty robust and useful tool.

The beauty of the Health app is that pulls data (such as fitness, sleep, nutrition, mindfulness and overall health) from a variety of different apps and keeps track of it all in one central app. It works well

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Google TV phone app prepares to add Android TV remote

The Google TV app for Android has received an update that includes the beginnings of a universal remote to connect to Android TV devices, which could replace the long-outdated Android TV Remote Control app.

About APK Insight: In this “APK Insight” post, we’ve decompiled the latest version of an application that Google uploaded to the Play Store. When we decompile these files (called APKs, in the case of Android apps), we’re able to see various lines of code within that hint at possible future features. Keep in mind that Google may or may not ever ship these features, and

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Clue Receives FDA Authorization For Digital Birth Control Feature

Exhausted and disoriented, I arrive tempest-tossed on the shores of our dystopia to tell you the good news: Apps are birth control now.

On Monday, the period-tracking app Clue announced that it had received clearance from the FDA to launch a digital birth control function that will use statistical modeling to closely track users’ menstrual cycles in order to help them better understand their odds of fertility.

Although it declined to list an exact price or launch date for the birth control, Clue — which currently boasts around 13 million users — noted that the function would be considered

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3 next-level note-taking apps that’ll change the way you work

Riddle me this: What exactly is a “note-taking app”?

It seems almost painfully obvious, I know — but it’s a question I’ve found myself struggling to answer as I’ve been exploring a new breed of information-storing services.

The services allow you to collect and organize thoughts, lists, and all sorts of other materials. They also, however, provide a powerful framework for mapping out complex projects, processing large amounts of data, and even writing documents. And they’re all designed to support some pretty sophisticated forms of collaboration.

So are they note-taking apps? Are they word processors — or maybe spreadsheet

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