For big and small businesses alike, digital marketing has been a game-changer across all sectors. As the process of preparing for the new year starts, strategies are being developed, and budgets being set, it’s important to look at where your digital marketing spend should be allocated for the best results. Here are some ROI-driving services that businesses can best benefit from in 2023 onwards! 

  1. Greater personalisation
    Personalisation sounds a bit fluffy and vague, but what it really means is connecting the right people with the right purchases at the right time. It’s about more than calling your client or customer

The last few weeks have been a lot of fun for the digital marketing industry, with a deluge of fearful articles about how content writers, graphic designers, and other creatives are going to go extinct because of AI. So, why aren’t we sobbing on the phone to our mums, hiding under the bedcovers, and racing to reskill? Well, because AI tools are just that – tools! They’re not replacements for humans quite yet because they can’t do what the human brain can.

The reality of AI

Don’t get us wrong – AI tech is exciting and incredible, not just for


With advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence, Google will continue to rely on its AI-powered algorithms to provide the most relevant and accurate search results. The search engine giant will continue to evolve to keep up with changing user behaviours, new technologies, and trends.

Here are some potential SEO algorithm updates that could shape Google’s future in 2023, from our SEO agency in Melbourne!

1. Mobile-first indexing

Google has been rolling out mobile-first indexing since 2018, and by 2023, all websites may need to be mobile-friendly to rank well. Mobile-first indexing is a system where Google crawls and


We get it – You love your customers; you believe in the value of your business; you want to do what’s right. But you also want sales. With the direction brands are moving in today, sometimes it almost feels a little shameful or embarrassing to say it out loud. But yes; you do need sales. And it’s okay to want sales! So, to help you out, our digital marketing team has put together a basic sales funnel and matched it with the highest-performing digital content formats for each level to help you get those sales rolling in. 

Here we go! 


Since ChatGPT is still causing storms all over the digital marketing industry (with as many people in favour as there are against this AI tech), we thought we’d take a look at one interesting aspect. Namely, will AI-generated content, like that produced by ChatGPT, be detected by Google? 

How ChatGPT works

Okay, so we all know that ChatGPT and other similar tools work using AI. But what does this actually mean? Well, ChatGPT stands for Generative Pretrained Transformer, which helps explain exactly what it is that it does.

Essentially, it’s an AI model that has been given millions of gigs


Metrics are how you measure the performance of your digital marketing strategy – so, without the right metrics, you won’t know if the time and money you’re spending on your digital marketing campaigns are worth it! Here’s what your team should be tracking in 2023.

#1 – Percentage of new visitors 

This metric helps answer the question “Is my content reaching new audiences and engaging them?” because it measures how many new visitors are arriving on your website, product, or service pages. It measures how many new people are popping in for a look at your website over a set


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