The Asus mobile app is straightforward and enables you to schedule downtime and filter content for your kid’s devices via parental controls, split bands, and set up a guest network. Access more options, including basic QoS and VPN support, via the web interface. Folks with 1 Gbps or slower connections who prefer not to have a subscription will find this dependable system great value.

Mesh systems don’t come much simpler than this one. You don’t even need to install an app to use Google’s Nest Wifi Pro (7/10, WIRED recommends) because you can add it via Google Home, which you


The World Wide Web’s growth in the 1990s introduced new possibilities and spawned new industries. However, connectivity also brought new threats. Spam infiltrated email accounts, and computer viruses wreaked havoc on business networks. Hacking emerged, extending the definition of thievery to include infiltrating computers to steal personal information and tricking people into revealing private data. Business secrets, bank account credentials and even people’s identities were at risk.

Unfortunately, hacking threats are even more severe and complex today. The stakes become higher the more businesses rely on technology. Fortunately, organizations have multiple ways to help defend themselves — and protect crucial  

Without network protocols, the modern internet would cease to exist.

Network protocols enable the exchange of information across the internet and work behind the scenes so effectively that many users don’t think twice about them or how the internet works. But it’s critical for networking professionals to know and understand protocols as the foundation of networking.

This glossary explores 12 common network protocols network engineers should be familiar with and provides information about their main functions and importance.

1. Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)

ARP translates IP addresses to MAC addresses and vice versa so LAN endpoints can communicate with


Wi-Fi problems can strike anyone at any time, no matter how much networking experience you may have. But if you’ve not come across a particular Wi-Fi issue before, there’s no need to worry if you don’t know how to fix it. All you need are the right tools and a few tips, and you’ll be able to solve your Wi-Fi problem in no time.

Whether you’re experiencing problems with slow internet, Wi-Fi signal dropping, or you just can’t connect to Wi-Fi at all, here are some of the quickest and easiest fixes you can try. We’ll also cover some advanced


  • The internet is defined as a global network of linked computers, servers, phones, and smart appliances that communicate with each other using the transmission control protocol (TCP) standard to enable the fast exchange of information and files, along with other types of services. 
  • This article explains the meaning, inner workings, and the most popular types of internet. 

Table of Contents

What Is the Internet?

The internet is a global network of interconnected computers, servers, phones, and smart appliances that communicate with each other using the transmission control protocol (TCP) standard to enable a fast exchange of information and files, along

$67 at Amazon
Best Mesh Wi-Fi Router Systems of 2023

Nest Wifi

A solid Wi-Fi 5 system (but don’t spend more than $200)

What is the best mesh router overall?

The further away you get from your router, the weaker your internet connection tends to be. But the best mesh routers can fix this. For most homes, our top pick is the TP-Link Deco W7200, a two-piece mesh system that offers excellent performance for around $200. There are lots of other top-tier mesh routers worth considering too, and we’ve spent years testing them out in order to find the best systems of the bunch.

Why does


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