Insider’s Orkan Akcan shared insights on localizing innovation and driving sustainable growth

The keynote address was delivered by Insider’s Orkan Akcan, Executive Vice President and Shareholder of International Growth. With a strong background in entrepreneurship and innovation, Akcan has been instrumental in driving Insider’s mission of understanding customer behavior and creating personalized experiences that drive sustainable growth.

Insider x Forbes: Vietnam Innovation Forum 2023
Akcan shared Insider’s key learnings and challenges in Vietnam with attendees at The Vietnam Innovation Forum 2023

Insider has been successful in the Vietnamese market, and Akcan shared the company’s key learnings and challenges in the region. He highlighted the importance of adopting


Humanity’s relationship with digital media is changing at an extraordinary pace. In 2021, adults in the United States were already spending an average of 485 minutes a day with digital media. That is over eight hours every day. 31% of U.S. adults claimed they go online “almost constantly” based on a survey from the Pew Research Center.

Because of the uptick in digital usage, we’re also exposed to thousands of ads daily. This represents a dramatic increase over the last decade thanks in large part to social media, among other apps, serving up heavy doses of targeted advertising.



Google Did a Cookie-Free Experiment. Should the Results Matter to You?Third-party cookies don’t crumble easily.

In 2021, Google announced 2022 as the end of third-party cookies in its Chrome internet browser. It didn’t have a replacement in 2022, so it punted the disappearance down the road to 2024. And now, another delay could be on the horizon.

A cookie-less future is still expected, but what does that mean for marketers (and @Google) now, asks @Robert_Rose via @CMIContent. Click To Tweet

But even though personal data crumbs still leave trails that marketers and advertisers can follow, Google still expects – and experiments for – a cookie-less future.

Should you adjust your


If you’ve read any of the statistics about the success of Instagram marketing, you’re likely looking for ways to get started. Instagram is an incredible marketing tool that can help you establish a brand identity, grow your customer base, and increase sales.

Before you jump in, it’s essential to create an effective Instagram marketing strategy, so you can experience the results everyone’s talking about.

Why Instagram Is Such an Important Platform for Your Business

With about two billion users, Instagram is a key social media platform for growing your brand and attracting new customers. If that’s not enough to get


Running a business on social media requires a lot of planning. Each element in the strategy must be well thought out and in place beforehand.

But to err is human, and it’s not an anomaly for marketers to miss out on important elements while chalking out a campaign or making a monthly content plan.

Hence the irrevocable need for social media templates arises.

In this article, we will take you through the importance of different types of social media templates. Along with each category, we will provide you with a customizable template for download absolutely free.

But first, we’ll start


Instagram and Facebook (now known as Meta) may be owned by the same parent company, but the two social platforms are different—very different. For the casual user, this doesn’t matter much beyond preference. (I have to limit myself from Instagram scrolling with a 15-minute daily limit, for instance, but I haven’t logged into my personal Facebook in years and haven’t wanted to.)

But for marketers looking to grow organic reach, it’s important to understand Instagram vs. Facebook for your business goals to decide which platform works best for you and how to use each effectively.

Instagram vs. Facebook for Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

Similar shapes, same white accent,


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