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Destin Library offers free technology assistance at its computer lab

Need help laying out a floor plan for that new business or just help getting set up on Twitter? Look no further than the Destin Library. 

The library, located at 150 Sibert Ave., is more than just stacks of books; it offers free one-on-one technology help. 

“We have workshops and things … and tools are available for free if you just know how to use them,” Library Director Wen Livingston said. 

Skylar Dennis, who mans the computer lab at the library, offers those one-on-one services. 

Just recently, Livingston and Dennis got to see the library’s assistance come to fruition when local business owner Valerie Chambless was able to open a restaurant. Dennis helped her with a floor plan for the permitting process and even helped with setting up a webpage and Facebook account. 

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“She had found a storefront that she wanted to use and she had to do the floor plan to get the permit for it,” Livingston said. “She submitted a layout and it didn’t meet specifications and got rejected.

Skylar Dennis can be found in the computer lab at the Destin Library.

“So she came here and was asking if the library knew of someone that maybe could help,” she added. 

Dennis and Chambless worked with a design program, got it laid out and it passed the permit process the first time. 

Dennis then helped Chambless set up a Facebook page, Twitter account and webpage for her business. 

The services are all free and available at the library to anyone.