Digital Marketing Expert Rei Prendi Shares 5 Tips to Scale Your Online Business Rapidly

by Romy Johnson

More and more people are turning to e-commerce websites and online portals to do their shopping, especially as we get closer to the holiday season. How can entrepreneurs take advantage of this market surge? Digital marketing expert Rei Prendi offers these five tips for quickly growing your online business.

Create Your Own Content

According to Prendi, “the digital world requires you to create compelling content if you want to remain relevant continually. This can take the form of social media posts or long-form blogs. But keeping yourself in the public eye will help you sell your product.” If people like what you post, they will share it with others. This will help scale your customer base.

Leverage attractive photographs

There’s some great free clip art out there on the internet. “But nothing personalizes your brand better than photos you take yourself,” said Prendi. Take pictures of your product in action. Better yet, repost client photos! It’s a great way to get your customer base involved in your content creation. People will post photos of your product just to be included. This is a guaranteed way to grow your online following.

Use Promotion Tools

Social media and blogging sites have built-in tools to help your digital advertisements excel. For example, with Facebook Ads Management, you can direct your ads toward your target demographic. Then, you can track their progress. “Tools like this will give your advertisements the edge they need to be successful,” said Prendi. By using these tools, you can scale your online business quickly.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

In-person stores always focus on customer service. But a lot of people think that goes away once you move your shop online. That’s not the case, says Prendi. “People will consult customer reviews before they purchase your product.” Answer every direct message, social media comment, or negative review. Solve these problems before they put a dent in your reputation and prevent your growth.

Always Provide a CTA

A CTA stands for a “call to action.” Consistently offering your customers a CTA is integral to growing your business quickly. Every blog or social media post should include some kind of call to action. Sometimes the CTA can prompt a customer to buy the product, other times it’s simply to sign up for an email newsletter. Just make sure you give them an actionable item, says Prendi.

In the age of digital sales, a good marketing strategy is a must-have. According to Rei Prendi, these five tips will help your business grow rapidly.

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