Digital Marketing in 2023 – and Beyond

For big and small businesses alike, digital marketing has been a game-changer across all sectors. As the process of preparing for the new year starts, strategies are being developed, and budgets being set, it’s important to look at where your digital marketing spend should be allocated for the best results. Here are some ROI-driving services that businesses can best benefit from in 2023 onwards! 

  1. Greater personalisation
    Personalisation sounds a bit fluffy and vague, but what it really means is connecting the right people with the right purchases at the right time. It’s about more than calling your client or customer by name and treating them as more than a number (although that’s important too!). With personalisation, you work to address their most immediate need as quickly as possible. Don’t put sports performance products in email marketing that gets sent to people over 65, and don’t send denture products to young adults!The key to personalisation is gathering data about your target market, dividing them up by their interests and needs, and sending the best fit products and services to them directly.
  2. Educational and product use videos
    Video is surging because it’s the marketing content your customers love the most! From YouTube videos to fluid and dynamic social media posts, they make the most impact on your target audience and are the most effective at convincing people to engage with your brand and buy your offering.In 2023, the best type of video marketing content to focus on are educational and product use videos. They’re informative, give much more detail on the product, and educate your audience. Also, they really open opportunities for your brand to have a bit of fun!

    Just look at the LEGO channel, Vat19’s ecommerce channel, and Blendtec’s Will It Blend? channel.

  3. A speedy and superb user experience
    The memory of a goldfish is actually pretty great – and it’s definitely better than the memory (or at least the patience) of an online customer.All your online platforms must be easy to find, seamless to enjoy, and helpful to your user.Every touchpoint matters, from your Facebook page and website to your Instagram and customer service emails. And the key to this experience is all about speedy access to relevant, accurate content.

    If you want people to stay on your website, return to it regularly, and get your Google rankings up, page load speed matters. It’s also essential that people can find the information they are looking for on your site quickly, that when they contact you, your team responds as fast as possible, and that they get updates and essential information as instantly as possible along every point of the sales funnel.

    People expect a lot from brands these days and they get impatient in just a few seconds, moving to a competitor who can deliver the fast, accurate service they want.

  4. Social and environmental responsibility
    Aussie customers are making social and environmental values a priority in their purchasing and their lives, and businesses that aren’t going green are missing out. Not only are customers looking for sustainable and responsible businesses, but they’re also willing to pay more to support them!Green and responsible businesses have so many options available to them – from solar power and waste reduction to eco products, eco packaging, green shipping, and even hybrid working. You can support community outreach groups and charitable organisations, sponsor training, work with responsible suppliers, and more.

    But it doesn’t count much if consumers don’t know what you’re doing. Now, we’re not here to tell you to rub your sustainability credentials in their face – it’s more about showing how proud your business is to meaningfully support great values. And getting your messaging out there means making it available where your customers are doing their research and shopping – your website, social media content, and e-commerce store.

  5. Digital marketing outsourcing
    Remember when IT services moved from onsite departments to expert external providers? Or when payroll and bookkeeping services did the same thing? Digital marketing is undergoing the same transformation for the same reasons – it’s more affordable, you get the best people in the business, and it frees up a massive amount of time and responsibility from your teams.It’s made small business digital marketing so much easier and so much cheaper! Need a flashy video promo for a new product? Just let your digital marketing partner know and they’ll send it through – you don’t have to hire anyone, spend time trying to learn it yourself, and you get an expert, professional result. It’s one of the biggest wins any business can experience, especially in a time when market competition is so fierce.

Digital Marketing in 2023 – and Beyond


Let’s make 2023your year with affordable, no nonsense digital marketing

Want the experts to take your business online and make sure your customers hear all about it? Our teams cover every digital marketing service you need, from web design and email marketing to PPC and social media marketing, and our aim is to give you a digital marketing strategy that works – no fuss, no big price tags, and no so-called quick fixes – just good marketing done right.

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