Finding Paths With Water Is A-Mazing

We aren’t sure if it qualifies as fluidic logic, but [Steve Mould] was inspired by a simulation of water flowing through a maze and decided to build some actual mazes and watch water flowing through them. It turns out there are several physical effects in play, and you can see [Steve] discuss them in the video below.

The maze, of course, has to be oriented so that water flows into the top and flows out of the bottom. Without much thought, you’d think that the water just goes to the bottom and then fills up. Eventually, the part that is open at the bottom will have water coming out, right? Turns out it isn’t that simple.

A combination of air pressure and surface tension conspire to make the water do better than expected. Not that it perfectly solves it, but it doesn’t just fill up the entire maze, either. Even more interesting is that once the water has found the bottom, changing the water color will clearly show the path through the maze since nearly all of the new colored water will follow the flow path.

Practical? We can’t think of why. But it is a great think piece on how water flows and what sort of forces can affect it.

[Steve] is no stranger to making water work out algorithms, something called fluidic logic.

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