Google Adds Bulk Data Export From Search Console to Google BigQuery

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Google has just added a new feature to export your data in bulk, on an ongoing basis, from Google Search Console to Google’s BigQuery. Daniel Waisberg from Google said on Twitter, “I have been dreaming about this for a long time, so excited to see it live.”

You can initiate a daily export of all your Google Search Console property performance data to BigQuery using this new feature. This is a daily export and includes all the daily data used by Google Search Console to generate the Search Console performance reports you see in the web interface. The data is exported to Google BigQuery, where you can run SQL queries for advanced data mining and other data analytics.

Google said that this feature is useful for large sites with many brand or other unusual queries that are beyond the 50,000 daily row limit of the API, and performance data for large sites, which can reach gigabytes within months.

“To configure a new report, you’ll need to prepare your BigQuery account to receive the data and set up your details in the Search Console settings. Check the Help Center for a step-by-step guide,” Google wrote.

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Note, the anonymized queries are not included in this export. More details on Search Console export options over here.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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