GoToMeeting and Whereby top our video app list

This was the week when millions of people all screamed in horror: “I can’t connect to Zoom.”

It was the first day of school for many who had to suffer through the 3 ½- hour outage –and just another remote workday for many others.

I penned a piece about great free Zoom alternatives, mentioning apps like Webex, Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams and Facebook Messenger Rooms.

And in came the flood of e-mails, tweets and Facebook comments. “What about GoToMeeting?” And Jitsi! And Whereby!

So in the interest of equal time, and knowing this is a subject that will not die down, (our new normal is that of living with video conferencing, after all), I submit, for your weekend pleasure, eight other Zoom alternatives worth checking out.