HIMSS21 tech news: cloud, analytics and interoperability developments

HIMSS21 tech news: cloud, analytics and interoperability developments

As a result of the global pandemic, healthcare provider organizations have expanded their telehealth offerings. Many organizations increasingly have been opting to host these and other remote patient monitoring and analytics workloads in the cloud.

VMware announced at HIMSS21 that GE Healthcare will leverage VMware SD-WAN, now part of VMware SASE, to deliver cloud-based services to GE Healthcare customers.

GE Healthcare recently launched OnWatch Network Edge to assist customers that use GE Healthcare’s cloud-hosted services. To rapidly deliver these services to customers without compromising quality of service or security of patient data, GE Healthcare leverages VMware SD-WAN with OnWatch Network Edge, the companies said.

“GE Healthcare offers a suite of precision healthcare applications that are both on-premises and cloud-based,” said Paul Jones, global product manager at GE Healthcare. “OnWatch Network Edge provides an easy way to deploy these large-scale integrations quickly and more securely. VMware’s SD-WAN technology enables reliable deployment of latency-sensitive and data-intensive applications.”

This is not the first time VMware and GE Healthcare have teamed up. GE Healthcare previously integrated VMware’s AIOps solution, Edge Network Intelligence, with its OnWatch Network Performance solution that helps healthcare providers proactively analyze and monitor their enterprise and clinical networks.

VMware is in HIMSS21 booth MP6852.

The leap to big data analytics

Synapse Consulting has launched its healthcare analytics platform, QuerKey, at HIMSS21. The firm’s team of data analysts, systems engineers and data scientists have developed a solution that offers healthcare providers a way to rapidly curate data from multiple sources using embedded healthcare intelligence.

The platform integrates with existing business intelligence tools, allows users to create training data for machine learning and artificial intelligence models, and reduces time spent on reporting, the company said.

QuerKey is designed to easily develop complex queries from multiple data sets for users who have little to no coding experience. Additionally, users now can view in real time custom-created visualizations to analyze and personalize care.

QuerKey allows users to connect directly to any EHR and extract meaningful data through self-developed reports and generate intelligent visualizations in real time, enabling business-process enhancements, billing reconciliations and insights around historical patient outcomes.

Synapse Consulting is in HIMSS21 booth C132.

AI and NLP for interoperability

Consensus Cloud Solutions, a soon-to-be-standalone company spinning off from J2 Global, has unveiled two new additions to its product suite – Consensus Clarity and Consensus Harmony, both designed to bring seamless interoperability to providers and payers across the healthcare ecosystem.

The Consensus Clarity solution integrates natural language processing and AI to help healthcare organizations move unstructured EHR data and clinical content to structured, analytics-ready data. With the tool, users can access valuable, insightful information that can be sent to the right place and the right person at the right time – making it actionable to support better care coordination, the company said.

Other features include the ability to streamline prior authorizations, extract patient demographics to create a more complete longitudinal record, convert digital fax to C-CDA, de-identify PHI for population reporting and automate clinical-trial management.

Consensus Harmony provides healthcare organizations with a universal API that allows for the secure sharing of structured data with other healthcare systems for better care coordination. Now, users can bridge the gap between multiple systems, standards and data sets, using a single point of access for developing interoperability, the company said.

Consensus Harmony includes universal healthcare APIs, cloud fax APIs, electronic signature APIs, and connectivity to multiple participating EHRs and industry cloud marketplaces.

Consensus Cloud Solutions is in HIMSS21 booth 1518.

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