How to Remove a Device from Google Home?

When checking devices connected to your Google Home, you might notice some unknown ones. Sometimes the same device shows up twice. We cannot tell how it happens, but there is always a solution for such technical errors.

Similarly, you can remove a device from Google Home that is no longer required or not yours. This article will show you how to unlink/remove unwanted devices via Android and iOS smartphones.

Keep in mind that this function also erases most of the history and data associated with the device.


Removing a Device from Google Home?

removing a device from google home


Removing a connected device from Google Home is a simple step procedure from Android or iOS smartphones. Here is how to do it:

1. Open Google Home App

google home app


First, open the Google Home app installed in your Android phone, then move on to the next step.


2. Pick the Device

You will see all the connected devices shown on the screen. Choose the specific device you wish to remove.


3. Settings

Then, a different screen will appear where the Settings option will be visible. It is the cog-gear icon on the top right section. Tap on it.


4. Remove Device

Now, you will see various General settings but keep your focus on the bottom where Remove Device is displayed. Select the option and confirm with the Remove button when a small warning window pops up.

Know that this will not affect the rest of the connected services or devices at all.


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How to Unlink a Device from Google Home?

unlink a device from google home


Unlinking a device means removing all the devices from a particular brand. For instance, you own several smart products from Roku Brand. If you unlink Roku from Google Home, you are removing all the Roku products connected to it.

1. Select the Device from the App

Once again, open the Google Home app and tap on the device you want unlinked.


2. Settings

Find the settings icon and select it. You will find the Unlink function there.


3. Unlink

All you have to do is tap the Unlink option. It will associate the product brand name, e.g., Unlink Roku. Now confirm the removal by tapping Unlink again on the pop-up message.


Troubleshoot: Unable to Remove/Unlink

phone maintenance


There are times when the device you attempt to remove reappears whatever you do. In that case, you might have to perform any of these three tactics.

Factory Reset

This option is ideal when the device isn’t not properly removed. Check the Google Home factory reset documents for further information.


Unlink from Account

Maybe the device is connected to your Google account. So go the Assistant Settings after tapping on your profile avatar of the app. Select the device that you would like to delete from the account.


Remove Whole Home

This is the last resort you can opt for. If you still see the device unremoved or unlinked after everything you tried, delete the entire room that associates the device.

Go to Settings and select the Rooms and Groups section. Choose the room you want to erase then, tap Delete Room followed by Remove in the pop-up message.

Of course, you can just delete the entire home by going to the Settings and choosing to Delete this Home. Do not forget to remove the members to prevent access in the Household section of Settings.



Well, this is how you can remove a device from Google Home instead of giving up on the whole thing. Give it a try and ensure no stranger has access to your Google Home to avoid unnecessary security issues.


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