Internet Network

Initial six miles of Old Town Orono Fiber Corporation high-speed Fiber Internet Network now in service

The Old Town Orono Fiber Corporation (OTO Fiber) vision for high-speed fiber Internet is taking shape. On Oct. 26, the first six miles of the network were activated, making service available to approximately 400 locations.  

OTO Fiber constructed the 6-mile pilot portion of the network (a map of the buildout is included at the end of this release) with a combination of funding from the two communities and a grant from the Northern Border Regional Commission. OTELCO responded to a 2020 RFP to operate the existing six miles and construct an additional 49 miles that would serve a combined 3,550 +/- locations. According to the agreement, OTELCO was to begin offering service on the original six miles this fall and construct the remaining infrastructure to be in service by summer of 2022. OTELCO Customer Care staff took the company’s first orders on the 27th and installs began on the 29th.

One of the first subscribers in Orono was Matt Drinkert. Drinkert is a state-licensed educational interpreter for the Deaf. Due to demands for flexibility in educational settings, Drinkert has been required to work remotely more often via video conferencing. Currently, and for the last school year, he has been working in a virtual first grade classroom. “With this kind of work, the video feed is critical for me to be able to read signs and accurately interpret them,” he shared.