IRON MAIDEN’s Bruce Dickinson Finally Got A Smartphone

IRON MAIDEN’s Bruce Dickinson Finally Got A Smartphone

Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson is a man of many talents, but when it comes to phones he keeps it extremely basic. In an interview with Planet Rock, Dickinson said he’s been using an old Nokia for quite a while. That is until management forced him into using using the smartphone they gave him for the Heavy Metal Truants charity cycle ride.

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“Almost a year ago now, I got this smartphone from the Maiden office. They said, ‘Here’s your smartphone.’ And there’s a SIM card with it and everything. And I thought, ‘That’s very nice.’ So I put it away and never touched it again — until Truants,” he said.

“And they said, ‘You need to do this stuff — download your every move on this app.’ And I put the SIM card in. So this whole process, actually, has encouraged me to put in the SIM card, and I now have a smartphone. So, basically, my life is going to suck from now on. I’ll be living my life vicariously. But it does do interesting things.”

Dickinson also recently revealed that he underwent hip replacement surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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