New Product: The Raspberry Pi Debug Probe

It’s fair to say that among the new product launches we see all the time, anything new from the folks at Raspberry Pi claims our attention. It’s not that their signature Linux single-board computers (SBCs) are necessarily the best or the fastest hardware on paper, but that they’re the ones with meaningful decade-plus support. Add to that their RP2040 microcontroller and its associated Pico boards, and they’re the one to watch.

Today we’ve got news of a new Pi, not a general purpose computer, but useful nevertheless. The Raspberry Pi Debug Probe is a small RP2040-based board that provides a SWD interface for debugging any ARM microcontroller as well as a more generic USB to UART interface.

The article sums up nicely what this board does — it’s for bare metal ARM coders, and it uses ARM’s built-in debugging infrastructure. It’s something that away from Hackaday we’ve seen friends using the 2040 for as one of the few readily available chips in the shortage, and it’s thus extremely convenient to have readily available as a product.

So if you’re a high level programmer it’s not essential, but if you’re really getting down to the nuts-and-bolts of an ARM microcontroller then you’ll want one of these. Of course, it’s by no means the first SWD interface we’ve seen, here’s one using an ESP32.

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