New technology allows senior residents to do physical therapy with a computer

STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WAOW)– An area nursing home has implemented new technology to keep residents moving and help along with their physical therapy.

The program is called RESTORE and it’s being implemented at Stevens Point Health Services. Since the pandemic began seniors in nursing homes have been hit hard without any outside visitors, this new program keeps them busy right from inside their room.

It is a computer program that is based on occupational and physical therapy allowing residents to keep busy.

“It makes you move, it makes you think, it is a good thing they are doing here,” said Donna Bortz, a resident at Stevens Point Health Services.

Bortz could not even sit up from her wheel chair but now she said the RESTORE program has made that possible.

“It got me to sit up which I can now I couldn’t before,” Bortz said.

The program uses a sensor and a webcam to bring work out straight to a patient’s room.

“Depression has decreased we are able to integrate goals of therapy in a new way,” said Susan Schwab a occupational therapist at the facility.

It adds more engagement with seniors who are missing a lot of the outside world.

“They enjoy doing therapy and they want to keep doing it because they are having fun playing the game,” said Aubree Blun a physical therapist assistant.

Family and friends can also be included in the RESTORE sessions via video conference.