At Shopify, we constantly innovate to make it possible and easy for merchants of all sizes and scale to build and grow their commerce business. Over the years, the skills and expertise of our partner ecosystem has been a fundamental component in our mission of making commerce better for every merchant. 

Today, Shopify’s partner network is comprised of thousands of development and digital marketing agencies, system integrators, and technology partners around the globe. Our expansive network helps to make it possible to solve merchant’s biggest challenges to growth and build for the long term. 

This deep relationship between Shopify and


We’ve all been there before — you need some 3D printable design that you figure must be common enough that somebody has already designed it, so you point your browser to Thingiverse or Printables, and in a few minutes you’ve got STL in hand and are ready to slice and print. If the design worked for you, perhaps you’ll go back and post an image of your print and leave a word of thanks to the designer.

Afterwards, you’ll probably never give that person a second thought for the rest of your life. Within a day or two, there’s a


It perhaps goes without saying that one nuclear bomb can really ruin your day. The same is true for non-nuclear dirty bombs, which just use conventional explosives to disperse radioactive material over a wide area. Either way, the debris scattered by any type of radiation weapon has the potential to result in thousands or perhaps millions of injuries, for which modern medicine offers little in the way of relief.

The investigational compound is called HOPO 14-1,

But maybe not for long. A Phase 1 clinical trial is currently underway to see if an oral drug is able to scour radioactive


Shopify is always looking for ways to make it easier for merchants to find the right apps for their business, and that includes making sure that searching the Shopify App Store serves up the most relevant and useful results possible.

While we never stop making improvements behind the scenes, we wanted to let you know about some notable search updates shipping this week that may impact where your app shows up in search rankings and how much traffic your app listing gets.


The commerce industry is one of constant growth and constant change. To be successful, merchants need to adapt to a fast-evolving commerce landscape that poses more challenges than ever before—from increasing acquisition costs to rising consumer expectations

Shopify, and Shopify Plus, is built to meet these challenges. As a Shopify Partner, you’re uniquely positioned to help merchants navigate the complexity of the landscape, and help them find the best solutions for their business. 

How can you boost your revenue as a Shopify Partner?

At Shopify, we want to reward partners when they help merchants grow on our platform. 

We recently


For most of us, ice isn’t something we’ve thought about in detail since our high school science classes. For most of us, we pour some tap water into the ice trays, slam it in the freezer, and forget about it. Then we lob the frozen misshapen cubes into a beer and enjoy a quite literally ice-cold beverage.

However, there’s so much more fun to be had with ice if you really get into it. If you’ve ever wondered how pretentious cocktail bars make their fancy ice spheres or transparent cubes, read on!

Heading In The Right Direction

The Art And Science Of Making Beautiful Transparent Ice
You may have

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