Alphabet GOOGL is making efforts to connect the rural areas in Kenya through Internet with the aid of the Project Loon.

Notably, Alphabet’s Loon is utilizing Internet beaming balloons to provide high-speed Internet to the people residing in the rural areas of the country.

Reportedly, the project plans to use a fleet of 35 or more balloons to provide 4G LTE service. Initially, the internet service will cover 50,000 square kilometers in the western and central parts of Kenya.

The latest move is in sync with the company’s strategy of increasing presence in the Internet services market. The move will


The UK government is set to ban Huawei from the 5G network following a rebellion by dozens of Tory MPs and intense pressure from the United States.

Media secretary Oliver Dowden is expected to announce the U-turn in the House of Commons following a meeting of the National Security Council chaired by Boris Johnson on Tuesday morning.

It is thought the government will announce no new Huawei equipment can be installed in the network from as early as next year. There will also be a so-called “rip out” date by which all the existing Huawei technology must be removed.


On Monday’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the popular Fox News host addressed the resignation of his show’s head writer, who was identified on Friday as the author of a years-long series of racist, sexist and homophobic internet posts under a pseudonym.

Carlson acknowledged the posts were “wrong,” but did not offer an apology on behalf of the show or the network, saying his longtime associate had “paid a very heavy price” in losing his job.

“Over the weekend you may have seen stories about a writer on this show called Blake Neff,” Carlson told his audience. “For years, since

The "Jio effect" is changing the internet.
The “Jio effect” is changing the internet.

Mushfiqul Alam/NurPhoto via Getty Images

  • Major US tech and investment firms including Facebook — and possibly Google — are investing a collective $15 billion in Indian tech firm Jio Platforms.

  • Jio Platforms saw explosive growth by luring Indians online for the first time with free or cheap mobile data and has now become India’s biggest telecoms firm with almost 400 million subscribers.

  • These Indians are swarming onto US apps like YouTube and Facebook for the first time, a phenomenon called the “Jio effect”, bringing user growth and revenue.

  • This flock of new users


There are nearly 4 billion people on earth who have no access to the internet and there are a multitude of reasons why this is the case, including any combination of the cost of infrastructure, remote dwellers, difficult terrains, the sheer limits of technology and many more.

Hundreds of millions of those people without access to an internet connection (and in some cases also lacking electricity) are found across Africa. It’s why two of Silicon Valley’s biggest tech firms, Google and Facebook have taken on a major infrastructure project to get more undersea internet cables to Africa. In the recent

Man walks in front of a Huawei sign
Man walks in front of a Huawei sign

China’s ambassador to the UK has called Britain’s decision to ban telecoms giant Huawei from its 5G network “disappointing and wrong”.

The UK government has ordered companies to strip equipment from Huawei out of the system by 2027.

It follows sanctions imposed by the US, which claims the Chinese firm poses a national security threat – something Huawei denies.

US President Trump welcomed the UK decision, calling Huawei “unsafe”.

“We convinced many countries, many countries – and I did this myself for the most part – not to use Huawei because


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