Reinvent the Ways of Digital Marketing With Dolly Ferguson

Reinvent the Ways of Digital Marketing With Dolly Ferguson

The pandemic of 2020/21 has had a detrimental effect on businesses. Many businesses had no other option than to close their doors, and those surviving said that a turnaround was crucial to helping them keep their doors open.

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With lockdowns and fear of COVID, small and mid-scale businesses internationally suffered. Due to a lack of pivot strategies and traditional management methods, these businesses went through unforeseen struggles.

Dolly Ferguson, an award-winning “turnaround” professional and digital marketer, says that businesses need to do more than the traditional marketing methods of pre-pandemic times.

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Being able to relate to the problems faced by small businesses, she shares her own experience of saving her former business, a builders and landscape supply company, from going bankrupt. Not only was she able to save the business, but she even expanded the business and thrived after just nine months by implementing various digital marketing strategies.

For a small business, putting their advertising dollars into digital marketing over traditional marketing methods has become this turnaround professional’s go-to method for revising a business. Digital marketing can benefit businesses by targeting audiences based on their needs and interests, which can drastically increase their return on investment.

Dolly’s company, My Freedom Digital, a one-stop shop for digital marketing, is helping small businesses with their turnaround strategy. Ferguson’s company has made marketing easier for businesses by combining various digital marketing services under one platform. “One of the problems our business faced is that we had different marketing providers doing a bunch of different things, none of them communicating with each other and lots of money and time wasted. I knew this was a problem. I took the marketing into my own hands, made it congruent and targeted, and that’s when things changed. This is what we now provide to other business owners as well.” – says Ferguson.

Small businesses need to relook at where and how they are spending their money. Things have changed; it’s time for their marketing strategy to change as well. By implementing digital marketing into their overall strategy, they will expand their reach, target their ideal clients, and get maximum return for their investment.

Ferguson is also about to publish her first book, “Mastering the inner game to win the outer game.” This book helps the reader recognize their self-defeating behaviours, overcome their fears, and create a new decisive inner game to maximize their outer game. “Reinventing your business can be difficult, and this book will help those business owners to see that this is something that they can do and it’s a natural growth process during these times, says Ferguson.

Dolly Ferguson’s company, My Freedom Digital, is excited to help businesses make the turnaround that they need to not only survive but thrive. My Freedom Digital’s official website is at, a one-stop-shop solution for management and marketing under a single platform, emphasizing digital marketing.