SRV Media publishes two patents related to digital marketing and AI

SRV Media publishes two patents related to digital marketing and AI

India, 10th June 2021: SRV Media is emerging as a market leader in the digital marketing space. Founded in 2011, SRV Media has the vision to emerge as a globally respected organization that creates engaging relationships for its clients by leveraging cutting-edge and innovative digital technologies helped by its creative and dedicated teams.

Moving ahead, the company has now published two patents in the domain of digital marketing and artificial intelligence and has plans for more.

The first patent titled ‘AI BASED INNOVATIVE METHOD TO SHOWCASE THE USE OF PRODUCTS’ is from the field of Computer Science and Engineering.

The idea came from the dilemma customers face while shopping. They need a lot of product information to have a deep understanding before a purchase. It also helps them to compare different products across various parameters.

All these require a lot of information to go inside product descriptions. Writing them manually not only makes it tedious but also brings the risk of missing out on various features that might be important for some niche customers.

To make matters worse, different sellers write them differently, due to which standardisation becomes extremely difficult.

With this in mind, to make it easy for the customers, SRV Media has proposed an AI-based algorithm to showcase the product information in the retail stores. This will give an advanced experience to the users and help them to take informed decisions.

In the patent, SRV Media has proposed and designed a model with hardware and embedded software to help showcase detailed product information in the retail stores.

The second patent titled ‘INTERNET OF THINGS BASED DIGITAL MARKETING’ is also from the Computer Science and Engineering domain.

Digital Advertising Display Board is a useful tool for creating an engaging relationship between the advertised product or service and the customer.

SRV Media has designed an IoT (Internet of Things) based Digital Highway Advertising Board where one can advertise any product just from a smartphone. Without any need to travel to coordinate with billboard owners across several districts or even states. This patent is again in the Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing space.

Vikram Kumar, Co-Founder and Managing Director of SRV Media says, “I believe in constantly creating value. For this to happen it is important to create knowledge and focus on innovation. SRV media now has a research and development team to focus on ‘knowledge creation’. We want to be the leader in the Digital Marketing landscape and hence our focus is to continually innovate to bring groundbreaking products and services which can be patented. We have published two patents and many more product ideas are in the pipeline.”

SRV Media has successfully published both the patents coming under ‘The Patent Act 1970’ and ‘The Patents Rules,2003’.

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