Harrisburg, PADepartment of Labor & Industry (L&I) Secretary Jennifer Berrier today announced awards totaling nearly $900,000 to connect Pennsylvania workers with the skills they need to effectively navigate the technology platforms used in today’s workplaces.

L&I selected 21 recipients for Digital Literacy and Workforce Development Grants, which will help workers develop basic digital skills they need to apply for jobs and succeed in new careers.

“Technology used in the workplace will always evolve, so our workforce development strategies must also evolve to secure Pennsylvania’s competitive edge in the global economy,” Berrier said. “These grants empower local organizations


Harrisburg, PA – Continuing to strengthen Pennsylvania’s workforce with technology training, Labor & Industry (L&I) Acting Secretary Jennifer Berrier today announced a $1.3 million investment to support local programs that provide computer skills training to help people find good jobs in Pennsylvania. 

The Digital Literacy and Workforce Development Grants (DLWDG) of up to $45,000 each promote digital literacy skills for people looking for work, including the ability to search and apply for online jobs, upload and submit a résumé via email, and the ability to develop and maintain a professional profile on networking sites.  

“Pennsylvania employers need workers with the


President Biden is expected to add prominent tech critics to his administration. Some have advocated for breaking up major companies like Facebook.


President Biden is gearing up for a showdown with Big Tech. He’s reportedly hiring two of the most outspoken critics of Amazon, Facebook and Google for influential roles in his administration. These critics have pushed for the government to get much more aggressive at reigning in tech giants, even break some of them up. NPR’s tech correspondent Shannon Bond is with us this morning. Hi, Shannon.


MARTIN: The tech critics

Globe with glowing wires emanating from countries but never crossing one another, with a watermark of binary code
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In January 2010, I sat in an auditorium at the Newseum in Washington and heard Secretary of State Hillary Clinton proclaim that “the spread of information networks is forming a new nervous system for our planet.” Clinton announced that internet freedom would be a new pillar of U.S. diplomacy and that as a country, “we stand for a single internet where all of humanity has equal access to knowledge and ideas.” She described access to global information networks as being like “an on-ramp to modernity” and argued that “even in authoritarian



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