I may write a lot about phones for a living but I’m surprisingly low-key when it comes to using a lot of different apps. Rather I have a core suite of apps that I have on a clutch of phones, including some of the best Android phones as well as my iPhone 13 Pro. 

My focus with smartphones tends to be on their native features — say display settings or camera modes — rather than use them as a platform for a vast amount of different apps. With that in mind, the following apps are very much my essential apps,

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As of late – especially with Samsung – Google has been more prominently advertising the Android ecosystem and what it can do. The latest example is an Amazon store/brand page (in the US) called “Devices with Google.”

This differs from the Made by Google (Pixel, Nest, Chromecast, etc.) storefront in that it highlights just Android phones from different partners. A cover shows Google Duo with its foldable optimizations, YouTube, and Google Maps Live View.

Work, play, and connect right out of the box.

Get your favorite Google apps when you shop your favorite phones.

Curiously, the word “Android” is never

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Right now there are 23 free apps for Android and iOS that you can download and install! Depending on your operating system, you can install a colorful bunch of apps for the weekend and put them through their paces. You should hurry up though because most of the free downloads are only available for a few days.

The free content in Google Play Store and the Apple App Store experiences drops in price as part of a promotion. This allows developers to push their apps up the leaderboards, for example, or simply generate new users. For you, it’s a way

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Billing fraud apps can disable Android Wi-Fi and intercept text messages

Android malware developers are stepping up their billing fraud game with apps that disable Wi-Fi connections, surreptitiously subscribe users to pricey wireless services, and intercept text messages, all in a bid to collect hefty fees from unsuspecting users, Microsoft said on Friday.

This threat class has been a fact of life on the Android platform for years, as exemplified by a family of malware known as Joker, which has infected millions of phones since 2016. Despite awareness of the problem, little attention has been paid to the techniques that such “toll fraud” malware uses. Enter Microsoft, which has published a

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Amazon let customers know on Tuesday they can no longer rent or buy books or pay for Kindle Unlimited subscriptions using the Kindle app. In an email, the company explained people will have to pay for the digital content on a web browser and then access the books through their app’s digital library. 

The change was necessary “to remain in compliance with updated Google Play Store policies,” Amazon said in the email.

Here’s Why Amazon Won’t Let You Buy Books on Kindle App for Android Anymore

The Kindle app for Android displays this message when users click on a link saying, “Why can’t I buy on the app?.”


The notification went out one

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It’s always a good idea to keep your Android apps updated to make sure you have the latest security and bug fixes. Plus, you might be missing out on newly added features.

If you don’t have automatic updates enabled, you’ll have to update your apps manually from the Google Play Store. Here, we’ll show you how to update individual apps as well as how to enable automatic updates.

Keep in mind that not every Android device has the same layout. We created this how-to using a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 running Android 10, so you might have a slightly different

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