Apple today announced it is expanding its offering of how developers can promote their apps on the App Store, helping developers expand their reach and making it easier to discover more of what the ‌App Store‌ has to offer.

new app store ads today tab
Until now, Apple has offered developers two ad opportunities on the ‌App Store‌: in the Search tab and within the Search results page. Both ad placements have been a tremendous success for developers, helping them find users who may be interested in their apps, according to Apple. The expansion of ad opportunities in the ‌App Store‌ is part of the company’s

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Google is trying to cut down on annoying, unskippable ads in Android apps and overall bad behavior in the Play Store (via TechCrunch). The company announced wide-ranging policy changes on Wednesday that update rules across several categories to be more specific, clamping down on loopholes developers may have used to skirt existing rules.

One of the changes that will impact your everyday phone usage the most is for ads. Google says its updated guidelines, which will go into effect on September 30th, help ensure “high quality experiences for users when they are using Google Play apps.” The new

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We’re not seeing much progress with US antitrust legislation just at present, but if the two bills do make it through the Senate, that raises the prospect of Apple default apps being banned. Which is to say, Apple could not pre-install its own stock apps on iPhones, instead having to offer customers a choice of core apps.

Above is one illustration of how Apple might respond, offering a choice of key apps during initial iPhone setup, likely with its own apps top of the lists …


We summarized the background to this earlier today:

There have been growing concerns

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I may write a lot about phones for a living but I’m surprisingly low-key when it comes to using a lot of different apps. Rather I have a core suite of apps that I have on a clutch of phones, including some of the best Android phones as well as my iPhone 13 Pro. 

My focus with smartphones tends to be on their native features — say display settings or camera modes — rather than use them as a platform for a vast amount of different apps. With that in mind, the following apps are very much my essential apps,

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Earlier this week, Amazon announced a major redesign of Prime Video, and the overwhelming response was “finally.” Prime Video had become a relic frozen in time, with an ugly, laggy interface that seemed stuck in 2010. Amazon’s streaming competitors, meanwhile, have routinely switched up and refined the user experience.

And it seems like Prime Video’s designers noticed. Because another thing that stuck out about the app’s makeover is just how closely Amazon’s video service now resembles Netflix. Column of navigation icons on the left side? Check. Top 10 list with big numbers? Yep, it’s there on the home screen. And

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According to an April 2022 study, there are 4.65 billion social media users globally.

This means that 58.7% of people around the world are social media users.

On top of this, new social media apps and platforms are constantly popping up, trying to captivate a share of users around the world.

As a social media manager or content marketer, this can be hard to keep up with – and a little overwhelming.

That is why we’ve put together this guide to help you keep track of this year’s major social media trends, and the new and important platforms and apps

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