SpaceX Starlink Aims To Connect Satellite Internet Network To ‘Moving Vehicles, Vessels And Aircraft’


  • SpaceX is planning a new project for Starlink
  • This time it might involve a mobile satellite internet network
  • SpaceX filed for the project’s application at the FCC

SpaceX is looking into connecting moving vehicles to its satellite internet network Starlink based on a recently uncovered request the company filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) not long after Elon Musk tweeted “Starlink Mini,” which could deliver mobile internet connectivity.

The FCC application spotted by Teslarati seeks to obtain a “blanket license” giving authority to end-user earth stations to be released as Vehicle-mounted Earth Stations (VMESs), Earth Stations on

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SpaceX wants to connect Starlink satellite internet to moving vehicles

A Starlink user terminal being set up.


SpaceX wants to begin connecting large vehicles – from trucks to jets to ships – to its Starlink satellite internet network, according to a request the company filed with the Federal Communications Commission.

“This application would serve the public interest by authorizing a new class of ground-based components for SpaceX’s satellite system that will expand the range of broadband capabilities available to moving vehicles throughout the United States and to moving vessels and aircraft worldwide,” SpaceX director of satellite policy David Goldman wrote in a letter to the FCC filed on Friday.

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What is an Ethernet cable? Here’s how to connect to the internet without Wi-Fi and get a speedier connection

  • An Ethernet cable lets you physically connect your computer to the internet.
  • Ethernet connections are almost always faster than Wi-Fi connections, and are usually more stable.
  • You’ll need to connect one end of the Ethernet cable to your router, and the other to your computer.

The majority of users access the internet using wireless devices, like phones or laptops. These devices connect to the internet using Wi-Fi, wireless signals that broadcast throughout your house.

But if you’ve been using the internet for a while – or you have a desktop computer that you don’t use Wi-Fi for – you’ll

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Ogden School District Launches Free Internet Network To Connect Students At Home

OGDEN, Utah – Ogden School District officials have been working on a network to get high-speed internet to students who don’t normally have it at home for the last year, and they say it’s ready.

The network will provide students with free internet access for virtual learning and homework, and the hotspots will cost a tenth of what the district is paying for third-party access. 

There are some students who just like school. 

“I get to learn things,” said Hannah Dickinson, a senior at Ogden High School. “I want to become a physical therapist, and I kind of have to

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Cummington receives $70K grant to connect buildings to internet

Published: 12/15/2020 5:28:55 PM

CUMMINGTON – The town has received a $69,631 state grant that will allow its broadband network for town buildings to connect to the internet.

The grant is part of $3.7 million in Community Compact Cabinet (CCC) Information Technology grants that were announced last week and provided to 55 municipalities.

The network that the grant is supporting is separate from the public municipal broadband network that the town has almost finished setting up.

“It’s strictly for the governmental aspects,” said Allan Douglas, the manager of the town’s Municipal Light Plant.

The Municipal Light Plant oversees both the

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Google announces new underwater internet cable network to connect US, UK, Spain

Google on Tuesday announced a new underwater internet cable network to connect the U.S., U.K. and Spain, according to a blog post.

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The cable, called the Grace Hopper, named after American computer scientist Grace Brewster Murray Hopper, will become one of Google’s four privately funded subsea cables.


It will mark the tech giant’s first-ever route to

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