At Gartner’s recent Digital Work Conference, vice president analyst Matt Cain shared several predictions about how tech trends of today will affect the way we live and work tomorrow.

Cain’s presentation, “2030: A Day in the Life,” illustrated what the world will be like when existing tech trends become more widely distributed and fully integrated into our daily lives. Cain’s predictions, while bold, were for the most part grounded in the familiar. As Cain put it, “There is no revolution here. This is all evolutionary from technology that exists in various forms today.”

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The smartphone industry is a fickle one. Every year, your favorite manufacturer has a new flagship to tempt you with over the last flagship that you may have already just purchased. It can often make it hard to decide when to upgrade if you know a newer and (usually) better option is already in the works.

On the other hand, plenty of people are okay with holding onto their phones for as long as possible, so long as it works. We at Android Central want to know how old the current phone is in your hand. And if you don’t


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