10 tech company customer service phone numbers you are looking for

If the long wait times and hard-to-find numbers don’t make it clear enough, I’ll say it: Tech companies don’t want to talk to you.

Here’s a secret I bet you didn’t know. You can have Amazon call you if you have a problem with an order or anything else. Tap or click here for the secret spot on Amazon’s website.

You can use the chat function on a site, but scammers have made those hard to trust. Tap or click for red flags to spot a Facebook chatbot scam that steals login details.

When you need help, always find contact


This is not good.

A new report commissioned by Replicant tells a story of customers frustrated when service fails or is way too slow. That’s not new and Replicant, an AI-based customer service platform, is not the only vendor to ring the alarm.

For many years Oracle has reminded vendors that one bad service encounter is enough to make customers switch — and many other vendors have followed that lead. But poor service seems to be a festering wound.

What’s new with Replicant’s report is that they put numbers on the problem. The report says that on average 74 percent



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