ITHACA, NY — Throughout the day April 19, a cyberattack caused internet connection at Ithaca College to cut out intermittently, disrupting operations across campus.

In an Information Technology Service Ticket, Angel Gavidia, associate director in the Department of Applications and Infrastructure, said a distributed denial-of-service attack on the college network overloaded the system and caused it to fail. The internet’s inconsistent function forced entities across campus to shut down temporarily or change their operations, including the library, classes, certain retail dining locations and the Center for Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS).

“The Ithaca College network was subject to a distributed


Tim Cook at WWDC21 on June 7th, 2021.

Source: Apple

Developers are building new software for apps that lets companies bill customers without paying Apple, which takes up to 30% of app sales.

They’re preparing for new changes Apple has to implement after a federal judge ruled in September that Apple has to let app developers link to alternate payment systems. The ruling came as a result of a legal battle between Apple and Epic Games, the maker of Fortnite.

The new software, if adopted widely by developers and users, could threaten Apple’s profit engine. The App Store is part


Connecticut’s Quinnipiac University will be issuing fines and cutting internet access to non-exempt students who fail to show proof of a COVID-19 vaccination, a new report said.

The bold mandate was communicated in an email to about 600 students who so far have not requested an exemption or provided the university with documentation to show they have received the jab, according to a report from the student newspaper, The Quinnipiac Chronicle.

Quinnipiac’s vaccine requirement for incoming students in this fall semester had been previously announced, and earlier this month the university reinstated its indoor mask mandate, according to the


Heading to Six Flags Magic Mountain for some gut-twisting roller coasters? Prepare to walk past a thermal camera that automatically takes your temperature.

Want to enjoy a Dole Whip at Disneyland? Have your smartphone ready to order it on the park’s app.

Trying to find your way to the Studio Tour ride at Universal Studios Hollywood? Open a map on your phone.

Theme parks have for years been relying on technology to better manage crowds, speed up the purchase of food and drinks, and eliminate gridlock around the most popular rides. Digital tickets have factored into that. So has the


WordPress, the iOS app, lets you build and manage a website right from your iPhone or iPad, for free.

Separately, also happens to sell domain names and fancier website packages.

Now, WordPress founding developer Matt Mullenweg is accusing Apple of cutting off the ability to update that app — until or unless he adds in-app purchases so the most valuable company in the world can extract its 30 percent cut of the money.


Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said that Apple’s App Store is a “absolute monopoly” and Google’s control of Android “essentially stifles competing stores” on CNBC’s Squawk Alley on Friday, adding his voice to a chorus of detractors ahead of the CEOs testifying in Congress in the coming weeks. 

Privately held Epic Games is the publisher and developer of Fortnite, which is consistently one of the apps that makes the most money on mobile app stores. But because Fortnite’s in-app purchases are digital goods like character outfits, both Apple and Google take a 30{cb3fe4c54de06d7c4b8dceae281fb32e521027d1659af7adec2f427d2f5333d9} cut of the game’s revenue according to


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