Company executives are not sufficiently prioritising threats from vulnerabilities within the value chain, beyond the immediate boundaries of their own organizations, reveals a study from information technology (IT) major titled
TCS Risk and Cybersecurity Study.

Further, the study revealed that only one out of six board of directors discusses cybersecurity and security issues “occasionally as necessary” or even “never”, and only two in five boards do so at every meeting or every meeting of the committee of the board.

The survey shows that only 16% of the chief risk officers (CROs) and chief information security officers (CISOs) ranked digital


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New York: A team of US researchers has developed a new machine learning-based framework to enhance the security of computer networks inside vehicles without undermining performance.

In collaboration with experts from Virginia Tech, the University of Queensland and Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, researchers at the US Army Research Laboratory devised a technique called ‘DESOLATOR’ to help optimise a well-known cybersecurity strategy known as the moving target defense.

DESOLATOR, which stands for deep reinforcement learning-based resource allocation and moving target defense deployment framework, helps the in-vehicle network identify the optimal IP shuffling frequency and bandwidth allocation


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