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The past two years have shown a major increase in the amount of money allocated to digital marketing and communications, which has created challenges for senior-level marketers who have not been able to keep up with the changing times. The speed at which new techniques in digital advertising, social media marketing and SEO are growing and changing is faster than it has ever been.

People who have worked in marketing and communications for twenty years or more need to check their skills and knowledge. Don’t let practices you learned a decade ago


To say that digital marketing is an ever-changing field is an understatement. Every day there is a new platform and tool for the people in digital marketing services to master. Even if they look unfazed and cool, marketers are adapting on the fly.

A decade ago, digital marketing in Thailand is far from what we have today. SEO was very different from what it is today. Back then there was no specific rule that Google eliminated keyword stuffing. But now things have changed, and marketing firms must adapt to these changes to help their clients.

The Digital Space

In 2010,


Most marketers had been happily paying for programmatic advertising for the last decade, very proud of themselves for being “digitally transformed.” They were also happily using vanity metrics like CPM prices, number of impressions, and click through rates because those were easy to measure and easy to report. Buying digital ads became as easy as playing a video game, with colorful dashboards that showed them what great discounts they got (“cost efficiency”), the number of impressions they bought (“reach”), and how many clicks they got (“performance”). But this triple cocktail of low price, large reach, and high performance was so



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