Deepfake technology is changing the way people see digital marketing.

Though marketers are still in the early stages of experimenting with deepfakes and deepfake technology, these videos convey a more immersive marketing experience through storytelling.

Deepfake technology is a type of “deep learning.”

Deep learning is a machine learning type that allows computers to learn tasks independently without being explicitly programmed.

Deepfake technology also involves computer vision, allowing computers to recognize objects in images.

For example, computer vision uses deep learning algorithms to identify objects in photos or videos. So it can tell you whether there’s a dog in your


Deepfakes are two-dimensional, which is why deepfake videos or images can’t be used to unlock a smart device.

Deepfakes, manipulated images or videos that duplicate or digitally alter a face or body, are becoming more popular –  and have been used in the spread false information online.

Some altered media may seem harmless, like videos that appear to show celebrities performing stunts. Other times, there could be a nefarious intention behind this content  — like when a world leader’s likeness is copied for political or propaganda purposes.

But, is the technology so advanced that it could, in effect, steal someone’s


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