8 apps you need to delete from your phone now

Watch out, smartphone users: Your favorite apps may have brought Trojan horses into your device. Even worse, these are financial Trojans designed to inject malware into your phone. They’re droppers, which means they’re specifically coded to install malware and avoid protective safeguards.

Trojans are hard to detect, and they can easily devour your entire system. That’s why researchers released a list of the “most wanted” malware on the web, which lets you know about the most dangerous viruses that could target your system. Tap or click here to unmask the deadliest malware out there.

The most recent batch of malicious

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Smartphone apps you should delete

By now it’s almost cliche to describe 2020 as a “dumpster fire.” Yet it’s hard to argue that that isn’t the most apt description of the year that was. From a global pandemic that has infected almost 75 million people and killed over 1.6 million of them, to the continued social and racial injustices that spurred the Black Lives Matter movement, to a bitter election that seems to have left the country more divided than it has been in over a century–2020 is a year that almost everyone will be happy to let go of.

And as it comes to

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Here are the latest malicious Android apps you need to delete from your phone ASAP

Do you ever find yourself randomly flicking through dozens of Play Store pages, sections, and categories in search for useful or just fun new apps and games to install on your Android device? If yes, you might want to occasionally take a little time to clean your phone of potentially malicious and invasive content as well.

The latest threat 

For the umpteenth time in recent months, a group of security researchers has discovered and rigorously documented a nefarious Play Store operation that you should do everything in your power to stay away from. For its part, Google has booted all
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