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A Florida restaurant group has sued Google for allegedly prioritizing food delivery apps over directing users to an establishment’s own website.

The lawsuit, filed in Northern California District Court on March 8 by Left Field Holdings, alleges that Google would allow users to place an order through search directly via an “order online” button that takes users to another Google ordering webpage, where orders are sold to food delivery companies.

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Apps like Uber, Instacart and Postmates initially drew in gig workers with the promise of easy money (pick up a shift on your lunch break!), flexible hours, and unlimited earning potential. The reality, however, is that the apps’ workers face increasing challenges like low wages, scams, and penalties, all of which have been getting worse in recent weeks.

According to a report from Motherboard, Instacart has been temporarily suspending the accounts of Instacart workers who cancel deliveries, even in “no fault” special cases where no one was home or a minor ordered alcohol. Instacart says the suspensions happen when

For Restaurants Trying To Ditch Delivery Apps, The Struggle Is Real: LAist
The sign for Casa Vega, a Mexican restaurant in Sherman Oaks. (Chava Sanchez/LAist)

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For more than 60 years, Casa Vega, an old school Mexican restaurant in Sherman Oaks, had never bothered with delivery. It didn’t need to. “We were always very busy,” says owner Christy Vega, whose grandparents started the business when they immigrated to Los Angeles from Tijuana in the late 1930s.

Before coronavirus, fans came to Vega’s restaurant


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