Website is the second most popular marketing channel in 2022. DesignRush reached out to experts to discover strategic web design tips for successful digital marketing.

MIAMI, July 12, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Website is the second most popular channel used for marketing purposes in 2022, according to HubSpot. While it’s important to note that 59% of users, as per Adobe, prefer “beautifully designed'” sites compared to “something simple and plain,” 88% of users won’t return to a website due to poor UX, as reported by Amazon Web Services. Hence, businesses need a website design strategy that combines visual appeal and


On a chilly October evening a decade ago, physician Michael Cohen arrived at Boston’s Logan International Airport lugging a hefty contraption, built like a tiny tank, that immediately drew the attention of airport security officers. It was a device to detect ear problems, and he and a colleague were hauling it around the globe — first on a redeye to Frankfurt, followed by Khartoum, and then on to Addis Ababa.

The device — called a tympanometer — was too pricey for many health care providers worldwide to afford on their own, so Cohen, an otolaryngologist at Massachusetts Eye and


The latest entry in our ongoing coverage of “cool phones you can’t buy in the US” is the Sharp Aquos R7.

This phone hits Japan in July, and it’s proof that you can make a differentiated smartphone in this day and age. Sharp is no stranger to unique designs, and with the R7, it is correcting many of the baffling design decisions coming from other smartphone manufacturers.

First, Sharp is continuing its trend of shipping absolutely massive camera sensors in its smartphones. The back of the phone is dominated by a single 47.2 MP camera with a 1-inch sensor  

GUANGZHOU, China — China’s technology giants have been pushing to develop their own semiconductors or chips, a move seen as progress toward China’s goal to become self-reliant in the critical technology.

In reality, China is still a long way off even if it’s one step closer to self-sufficiency, according to one expert, adding that the country is still heavily dependent on foreign technology and lagging in the so-called leading edge part of the chip market.

Semiconductors are key components in everything from smartphones to modern refrigerators to cars. They’ve also become a key focus of the broader technology battle between


For dog owners who don’t like picking up their four-legged friends’ waste, the robotic “Scoop-A-Tron” will do it for them.

Or, for those who don’t have time to play games with their dog, “FetchBot” will do the trick. The autonomous robot keeps a pet entertained by chasing and retrieving a tennis ball.

And while many modern home surveillance cameras passively record intruder incidents, this new-fangled device uses thermal technology and computer vision to track the movement of


Most people primarily experience Material Design in Android apps, while web adoption is mostly limited to Google’s first-party sites. A new Material Design for WordPress plugin, which Google currently calls an experiment, possibly opens up the look to many more pages and blogs.

This experimental plugin and theme lets you customize your site’s colors and icons to align with Material Design, which is known for layering and replicating depth through lighting and shadows.

Once the plugin is installed, which requires a business-level WordPress plan, and the Material Design theme is set, users can select between preset styles or create a


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