In a significant turn of events, Dixon Technologies, a prominent player in the Indian electronics manufacturing sector, experienced a substantial surge of 6% in its share prices. This upward momentum follows the announcement by the government to impose restrictions on the import of laptops, tablets, and personal computers. The move is aimed at bolstering domestic manufacturing and aligning with the vision of an “Atmanirbhar Bharat” (self-reliant India). The impact of this decision on Dixon Tech’s shares highlights the intricate relationship between government policies and the stock market.

Government’s Import Restrictions

The Indian government’s recent decision to restrict the import  

It might seem like 3D printing is a thoroughly modern technology, but the fact is, it’s been used in the industry for decades. The only thing that’s really new is that the printers have become cheap and small enough for folks like us to buy one and plop it on our workbench. So why not take advantage of all that knowledge accumulated by those who’ve been working in the 3D printing field, more accurately referred to as additive manufacturing, since before MakerBot stopped making wooden printers?

That’s why we asked Eric Utley, an applications engineer with Protolabs

That’s why we


Last summer, we launched Shopify Editions, a twice-annual update on all the products that have launched in the previous half year. Today, we’re releasing our Winter ‘23 Edition, full of products to help speed up your development process and further customize your commerce builds.

In this article, we break down the developer announcements included in the newest release. To get the full scoop on all the products impacting Shopify developers, head over to the Build With Us solution on the Shopify Editions website. 

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Developer Highlights From our Winter ’23 Edition (2023)

Introducing the next phase


At Shopify, we know how critical the checkout is when it comes to converting customers. As a result, we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that the Shopify checkout is both incredibly fast and easy to use. 

However, it’s also key that checkout has the flexibility to present the unique experiences, promotions, and features that brands need to entice shoppers, while keeping orders accurate and compliant with the merchant’s policies and regulations. On the marketing side, this means designing a checkout that boosts conversion rates and maximizes the lifetime customer and average order value. When it comes to compliance, brands can ensure


[Jan Říha]’s PionEar device is a wonderful entry to the Assistive Tech portion of the 2023 Hackaday Prize. It’s a small unit intended to perch within view of the driver in a vehicle, and it has one job: flash a light whenever a siren is detected. It is intended to provide drivers with a better awareness of emergency vehicles, because they are so often heard well before they are seen, and their presence disrupts the usual flow of the road. [Jan] learned that there was a positive response in the Deaf and hard of hearing communities to a device


At Shopify, we constantly innovate to make it possible and easy for merchants of all sizes and scale to build and grow their commerce business. Over the years, the skills and expertise of our partner ecosystem has been a fundamental component in our mission of making commerce better for every merchant. 

Today, Shopify’s partner network is comprised of thousands of development and digital marketing agencies, system integrators, and technology partners around the globe. Our expansive network helps to make it possible to solve merchant’s biggest challenges to growth and build for the long term. 

This deep relationship between Shopify and


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