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Raise your hand if this is you: You hired not just one, but two, three or even four marketing agencies only to find yourself right back where you started. Every time, you’re out of thousands of dollars and building further resentment towards marketing agencies. Well … you’re definitely not alone on this one. As a whole, agencies get a bad rap for over-promising and under-delivering.

Does this thought process sound familiar?

  • Can I learn this on my own and get the same results?

  • Can THIS agency drive the results the last one


We’re not seeing much progress with US antitrust legislation just at present, but if the two bills do make it through the Senate, that raises the prospect of Apple default apps being banned. Which is to say, Apple could not pre-install its own stock apps on iPhones, instead having to offer customers a choice of core apps.

Above is one illustration of how Apple might respond, offering a choice of key apps during initial iPhone setup, likely with its own apps top of the lists …


We summarized the background to this earlier today:

There have been growing concerns


Usually, you don’t need to write down a Wi-Fi password for later, because once you’ve connected to a network on your computer, you’ll stay connected to it, even if you leave and come back.

However, if you need to share the Wi-Fi password with someone else, it’s good to have this information down on a piece of paper on your desk or a random note in your phone. You could also check the wireless router, which typically has the password on a sticker label on the back.

But even if you don’t have the password saved anywhere, and you can’t


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When your home internet is slow, it’s possible that an outdated router or less-than-ideal router location could be the culprit. And there may be easy fixes for your connection issues, like upgrading to a mesh network or restarting your modem and router. But you may also be able to blame your slow Wi-Fi on something your internet service provider is intentionally doing: bandwidth throttling.

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Yes, you read that right. Your ISP could be making your


Amazon let customers know on Tuesday they can no longer rent or buy books or pay for Kindle Unlimited subscriptions using the Kindle app. In an email, the company explained people will have to pay for the digital content on a web browser and then access the books through their app’s digital library. 

The change was necessary “to remain in compliance with updated Google Play Store policies,” Amazon said in the email.

Here’s Why Amazon Won’t Let You Buy Books on Kindle App for Android Anymore

The Kindle app for Android displays this message when users click on a link saying, “Why can’t I buy on the app?.”


The notification went out one


Cyber criminals are copying legitimate smartphone applications and injecting them with malicious code to spy on users and steal personal data including bank information, passwords, photos and more.  

According to cybersecurity company Pradeo’s Mobile Security Report 2022, there are more than 700 websites which operate as third-party download stores outside of the official app marketplaces. 

Third-party app stores mostly cater for Android smartphone users, because the open nature of Google’s ecosystem means that it’s easier to download apps from outside of Google’s Play Store. But some of these third-party sites don’t check the content of apps, and some are



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