In an exclusive interview ahead of an invite-only event today in San Jose, Intel outlined new chip technologies it will offer its foundry customers by sharing a glimpse into its future data-center processors. The advances include more dense logic and a 16-fold increase in the connectivity within 3D-stacked chips, and they will be among the first top-end technologies the company has ever shared with chip architects from other companies.

The new technologies will arrive at the culmination of a years-long transformation for Intel. The processor maker is moving from being a company that produces only its own chips to becoming

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Flux, a leading global decentralized technology company specializing in cloud infrastructure, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and decentralized storage, officially launches WordPress on its platform following a successful Beta phase that commenced in February 2023. This launch marks a significant milestone in making the most popular content management system (CMS), WordPress, accessible on Flux’s cutting-edge decentralized infrastructure.

With WordPress commanding over 43% of the web – from personal blogs to robust e-commerce sites, its unparalleled ease of use, flexibility and extensive plugin ecosystem have made it the go-to CMS. The full integration of WordPress on Flux elevates these components, delivering unmatched

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A temporary network disruption that affected AT&T customers in the U.S. Thursday was caused by a software update gone wrong, according to preliminary information from two sources familiar with the situation.

Sources have told ABC News that there was nothing nefarious or malicious about the incident.

AT&T declined to comment on the situation to ABC News Thursday evening.

The disruption prompted federal agencies to investigate whether the outage was caused by a cyberattack.

A network disruption is affecting AT&T customers in the U.S. Thursday, prompting federal agencies to investigate whether the outage was caused by a cyberattack.


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Digital Marketing Statistics:  In 2024, digital marketing continues to be a pivotal element for businesses worldwide, with the digital advertising market expected to reach a staggering $740.3 billion. This growth is propelled by the increasing utilization of the internet and smartphones, marking a significant shift towards digital platforms for advertising efforts. The United States is set to lead global ad spending with an estimated $298 billion, emphasizing the country’s substantial influence on the digital marketing landscape. Moreover, the advent of programmatic advertising is reshaping how digital ads are purchased and placed, with predictions

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