WordPress 5.7 Launches With One-Click HTTP to HTTPS Conversion

WordPress 5.7 “Esperanza” is now available, which allows site owners to convert from HTTP to HTTPS with a single click.

Named after musician Esperanza Spalding, the first WordPress release of 2021 offers features such as an easier to use editor and the ability to accomplish more without writing custom code.

Here’s an overview of all the new features in WordPress 5.7.

What’s New in WordPress 5.7?

HTTP to HTTPS Conversion

WordPress 5.7 promises to simplify the process of migrating

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Apple Launches All-in-One Web Page With Privacy Labels for Its Own Apps

Apple today updated its privacy website with a new “Labels” section that brings privacy labels for all of Apple’s apps together in one place, making it easier for users to learn about how Apple apps handle their personal data.

apple privacy labels website

Apple already provided privacy labels for its apps since the feature launched last year, but on individual support pages, so this new “Labels” section makes it easier to view the labels all in one place, and in alphabetical order. Privacy labels are available for Apple’s apps across iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS, so some apps like GarageBand appear more than

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Google launches Material Design for WordPress plugin

Most people primarily experience Material Design in Android apps, while web adoption is mostly limited to Google’s first-party sites. A new Material Design for WordPress plugin, which Google currently calls an experiment, possibly opens up the look to many more pages and blogs.

This experimental plugin and theme lets you customize your site’s colors and icons to align with Material Design, which is known for layering and replicating depth through lighting and shadows.

Once the plugin is installed, which requires a business-level WordPress plan, and the Material Design theme is set, users can select between preset styles or create a

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Chabad Rabbi Professor Launches Beginners’ Digital Marketing Course

Rabbi Professor Danny Gavin, the founder of award-winning digital marketing agency Optidge, has launched a beginners’ digital marketing course online for men and women looking for a well-paying + flexible income. Full Story

Houston Chabad rabbi + university professor launches beginners’ digital marketing course online for anash looking for a well-paying + flexible income. 

Sign up for a Special Webinar to learn more about a career in Digital Marketing and ODEO Academy either this Sunday Night, February 21st at 8:30pm EST or Sunday Night, February 28th at 8:30pm EST

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation.

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Ogden School District Launches Free Internet Network To Connect Students At Home

OGDEN, Utah – Ogden School District officials have been working on a network to get high-speed internet to students who don’t normally have it at home for the last year, and they say it’s ready.

The network will provide students with free internet access for virtual learning and homework, and the hotspots will cost a tenth of what the district is paying for third-party access. 

There are some students who just like school. 

“I get to learn things,” said Hannah Dickinson, a senior at Ogden High School. “I want to become a physical therapist, and I kind of have to

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EY launches Twin Cities minority-business support program

Ernst & Young, the accounting and consulting firm, will support 12 small Black- and Latino-owned businesses in the Twin Cities as part of a multicity business accelerator program it calls the Entrepreneurs Access Network, or EAN.

EY is the most recent major company, in the wake of the outcry over the May 25 death of George Floyd in police custody, to do more work to foster success among minority-owned businesses and narrow income gaps that are particularly pronounced in the Twin Cities.

“The EAN will serve as an enabler to accelerate the ability of these companies in order to break

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