The African cell phone market grew 4.6{cb3fe4c54de06d7c4b8dceae281fb32e521027d1659af7adec2f427d2f5333d9} QoQ in the fourth quarter of 2020, according to the latest data released by IDC. At the same time, sales of phones themselves grew by 7.6{cb3fe4c54de06d7c4b8dceae281fb32e521027d1659af7adec2f427d2f5333d9} QoQ, while sales of smartphones by 0.7{cb3fe4c54de06d7c4b8dceae281fb32e521027d1659af7adec2f427d2f5333d9}.

Compared to the data for the fourth quarter of 2019, sales of smartphones decreased by 5.5{cb3fe4c54de06d7c4b8dceae281fb32e521027d1659af7adec2f427d2f5333d9}, while sales of phones decreased by 8.0{cb3fe4c54de06d7c4b8dceae281fb32e521027d1659af7adec2f427d2f5333d9}. In general, the market of cell phones and smartphones in annual terms decreased by 10.0{cb3fe4c54de06d7c4b8dceae281fb32e521027d1659af7adec2f427d2f5333d9}. Analysts attribute this to the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The smartphone market leader is Transsion, offering devices under the Tecno,


Cherry Joins a Growing Number of Forward-Thinking Businesses Integrating and Validating Products Through the New IGEL Ready Program.

CHERRY, a global leader in computer input devices and IGEL, a provider of a next-generation edge operating system (OS) for cloud workspaces, announced that CHERRY has joined the new IGEL Ready program as a Technology Partner. IGEL Ready opens the central enterprise software for technology companies like CHERRY to integrate and validate their products. In this way, IGEL can support business growth and provide flexible access to enterprise applications for joint customers of CHERRY and IGEL.

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Jivox, the personalized digital marketing technology leader, today announced Kairos, a newly patented purchase prediction technology for the eCommerce market. Powered by Jivox’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, Kairos will enable brands to increase the performance of eCommerce marketing campaigns by using sophisticated user scoring and product affinity ranking algorithms based on their interests, exhibited purchase intent and immediacy indicators.

Research from eMarketer predicts that consumers in the US will spend $709 billion on eCommerce purchases in 2020, for a total increase of 18{cb3fe4c54de06d7c4b8dceae281fb32e521027d1659af7adec2f427d2f5333d9} from last year, the highest spike since 2008. As social distancing measures stay in effect


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