‘ManCode Mentoring’ initiative helps Black teens learn computer technology skills through mentorship

The 12-week curriculum teaches young men how technology can be an option in their career or life journey.

“It’s fun,” says 8th grader, Wilson Johnson. “I like mainly the coding, and learning different lifestyles.”

Johnson is one of dozens of teens learning the ins and outs of computer technology alongside industry professionals. 

It’s all apart of the new pilot program called “ManCode Mentoring.” 

“ManCode mentoring started when a few employees at Microsoft kind of noticed, “hey, it’s not a lot of us in this field, what can we do,” says Quanda Arch, program manager for the Phyllis Wheatley Community Center

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Learn WordPress site launched – To help people learn its CMS

To increase its popularity and the diversity within the CMS, WordPress has launched a new platform called Learn WordPress. Considering that a wonderful community has always had WordPress’s back, Learn WordPress will be a fantastic place where upcoming enthusiasts can access workshops, quizzes, courses, and even lesson plans.

Learn WordPress site launched

As you can guess, this website would be preparing tech enthusiasts to create the best content for the WordPress CMS, not just in terms of core development but also themes, extensions, and more.

The Learn WordPress team aims to start from scratch when popularizing and familiarizing WordPress

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Eight Digital Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From Tesla

Digital marketer, language geek, technology lover, digital globetrotter, jazz enthusiast, salsa semihoofer, and a team player at Qode Media!

The Covid-19 pandemic has led brands in many industries to rethink, adapt or double down on their strategies for survival and growth. During such times, it’s often helpful to look at the tactics used by other successful companies.

One brand that I think is worth studying and following is Tesla. The electric car company has a reputation for its unique marketing strategy and for disrupting the automotive industry. Here are eight digital marketing lessons I think we can

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Learn financial accounting from an actual CPA with these online classes

Learn financial accounting from an actual CPA with these online classes

TL;DR: Take control of your finances with the Ultimate Financial Accounting & CPA Certification Training bundle for $44.99, a 97% savings as of Sept. 18. 

If you’re starting a business on a limited budget, or have a small business you’re trying to keep afloat in these tough times, taking on more responsibility yourself can help you stretch your funds. Financial accounting is one thing you may be able to tackle on your own — but you’ll need a solid understanding of business finances.

Fortunately, you can brush up

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Learn the Accounting Skills That Can Help Your Business Thrive


Nikola Founder Resigns as Chair Amid Allegations, SEC Probe

(Bloomberg) — Nikola Corp., the electric-vehicle startup that recently partnered with General Motors Co., said its founder stepped down as executive chairman, coming just days after the company was reported to be the focus of investigations by U.S. regulators following a highly critical short-seller report.Trevor Milton, the social-media-savvy public face of the startup he founded in 2014, was replaced by board member Stephen Girsky, whose title will be chairman, Nikola said in a statement late Sunday. Shares of Phoenix-based Nikola plunged 22% in U.S. pre-market trading.Nikola has found itself in

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The Best Tarot Card Apps: Learn to Read Tarot at Home

Even the most gifted among us won’t be a tarot expert overnight. It takes a lot of practice to not only learn what each card represents, but to interpret what cards mean together based on the person and question at hand. Start off slow and let yourself enjoy the process.

Keep a journal to write about your tarot readings. It will help you to learn and pick out themes and common cards, as well as track your progress over time. Get readings done by professionals you admire, and find other likeminded people you can learn from.

At one point in

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