Ogden School District to establish wireless internet network in move to expand tech access | Education

OGDEN — Following unanimous school board approval last week, Ogden School District has become the second school district in Utah to begin working toward establishing a wireless network to provide internet access to all of its students at home.

The move is a continuation of the district’s longtime efforts to make internet access more equitable for its students, who are some of the most economically disadvantaged in the state.

Of its 19 schools, 18 are classified by the U.S. Department of Education as Title I, meaning they have a high concentration of students who qualify for free or reduced lunch.

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Ogden School District Launches Free Internet Network To Connect Students At Home

OGDEN, Utah – Ogden School District officials have been working on a network to get high-speed internet to students who don’t normally have it at home for the last year, and they say it’s ready.

The network will provide students with free internet access for virtual learning and homework, and the hotspots will cost a tenth of what the district is paying for third-party access. 

There are some students who just like school. 

“I get to learn things,” said Hannah Dickinson, a senior at Ogden High School. “I want to become a physical therapist, and I kind of have to

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Ramapo residents, stole millions from school tech program, face prison

Federal prosecutors are urging a judge to sentence six Ramapo residents to prison for their involvement in stealing millions of dollars from a federal program designed to provide computer technology to underprivileged students.

Peretz Klein and his wife, Susan Klein, both of Spring Valley; and Monsey residents Simon Goldbrenner, Moshe Schwartz, Ben Klein, Sholem Steinberg and Aron Melber all entered guilty pleas to conspiracy charges in February.

Sentencing had been delayed from June due to the coronavirus pandemic and is expected in mid-January, according to a memorandum submitted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Manhattan. A hearing is likely after

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New Gwinnett high school brings tech curriculum update

Although Alyssa doesn’t plan a career in computers, she knows theater lights and sound boards use artificial intelligence.

“We use it even when we don’t think we’re using it,” she said.

The Gwinnett district has allocated $97 million to build Seckinger, a traditional campus in the fast-growing northern part of the county a few miles from increasingly crowded Mill Creek High, which Seckinger will relieve. The new campus will include stadiums and ball fields and hold up to 3,000 students, Mostaghimi said.

Harmony, Ivy Creek and Patrick Elementary Schools will feed into Jones Middle and then Seckinger High.

The Seckinger

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Holidays At Harvard Business School

Photo: Harvard Crimson

The holiday season looks a little different this year. With travel restrictions in place and much of the US experiencing yet another surge in COVID-19, many b-schools students are left spending their holidays without their families.

The Harbus recently looked at how students at Harvard Business School are spending their holiday season this year without their loved ones.


For many international students, traveling back home during this time is simply not plausible or safe. But those who decide to stay on campus for the holidays aren’t alone.

Yarden Halperin, HBS MBA Class of 2022,

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Is your home an office and a school? Answer these four questions to maximize your home’s wifi

With living and dining rooms looking more like home offices and classrooms, your wireless internet may be taking a hit.

DALLAS — “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” may be the first question asked when you call for support to fix your internet.

As more parents work from home and children do their online classes, we’re relying on home internet more than ever. And that heavy load can cause problems.

We asked a career telecommunications technician about the biggest issues he sees when he goes to repair the internet at someone’s house.

Here are the four questions

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