Chinese smartphone brand Honor, formerly under Huawei Technologies Co, has pulled its team out of India, chief executive Zhao Ming said, as New Delhi continues to tighten its scrutiny of Chinese companies.

Honor formed the team a few years ago, but chose to leave for “obvious reasons”, Zhao was quoted as saying during the company’s smartphone launch event on Thursday, in a report by state-run newspaper Securities Times.

The Shenzhen-based company’s Indian business will remain in operation, managed by local partners, Zhao reportedly said, but the brand will adopt a “very safe approach”.

Do you have questions about the

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This Digital Marketing Firm Wants To Be A Part Of Your Team

Seth Winterer, CEO, Digital Logic

Seth Winterer was chugging along as a top performer at a large marketing firm when he decided there had to be a better way.

He realized the price of growth is often paid by the clients, so he founded Digital Logic in Shreveport, Louisiana, a digital marketing firm less concerned with scaling up and more concerned with bringing its proven methodology to smaller law firms in the most integrated way possible.

As shown by numerous case studies, Digital Logic’s approach gets results.

For example, WeedenLaw, a two-attorney criminal defense firm in Denver, increased

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Wordle is a free browser game, and a browser game only — it has no accompanying apps, something that some people (myself included, regrettably) might not realize during a time when nearly everything has an app.

This leaves plenty of room for fake Wordle apps to crowd app stores in an attempt to leech off of the word puzzle game’s sudden rise in popularity. But there’s one app coincidentally called Wordle! that’s not a clone — it actually existed before the browser game itself. That’s why its developer is teaming up with the mind behind the browser-based Wordle, Josh

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Could the internet of the future be faster than the speed of light? That’s what a team at Oak Ridge National Laboratory created on a smaller scale at the Department of Energy site. The team, including members from Stanford and Purdue universities, developed and demonstrated a fully functional quantum local area network.

The QLAN used entangled photons passing through an optical fiber to enable real-time adjustments to information shared with geographically isolated systems.

Currently, the internet sends information in binary code by bursts of light through optical

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HOUSTON – School is almost back in session and on Wednesday three organizations in the Houston area stepped up to help families who don’t have access to technology needed for online learning.

Reliant Gives and the Deshaun Watson Foundation donated $175,000 dollars to Comp-U-Dopt, an organization that repurposes old devices for students to use for virtual learning.

RELATED: Tens of thousands in need of tech for online learning so they don’t have to choose between education and health

Since the start of the pandemic, Comp-U-Dopt has given out about 8,000 computers to families in the Houston area.

On Wednesday, the

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If you’ve had to adapt to working from home in the last few months, you could learn a few things from Matt Mullenweg.

Co-founder of website-building platform WordPress and Automattic, its parent company, Mullenweg lives in Houston while overseeing a fully distributed team of about 1,100 employees operating in 77 cities around the world. 

During a Real Talk Business Reboot webinar on Wednesday, Mullenweg told Inc. editor-at-large Tom Foster that any person–or company–can adjust to post-office-life if they try. “It can work for everyone, but I’ve seen people give up before they’re there,” he said. 

Working outside of the office,

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