Michl Binderbauer, CEO of TAE Technologies

Photo courtesy TAE Technologies

Google and Chevron are part of a $250 million funding raise announced Tuesday for TAE Technologies, a nuclear fusion startup with an unconventional strategy that has now raised a total of $1.2 billion.

Nuclear fusion is often referred to as the holy grail of clean energy because of its promise of generating nearly unlimited emission-free energy without the equivalent harmful, long-lasting radioactive waste that nuclear fission produces.

Nuclear fission is the process by way conventional nuclear power plants generate energy in which a larger atom is split into two

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Award-winning online safety company adds adaptable phone to its comprehensive portfolio

ATLANTA, July 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bark Technologies, a leader in the online safety space for children, today announced the upcoming release of its first-ever smartphone, launching in Q4 of 2022. The Bark phone will combine the company’s award-winning content monitoring, filtering, and location software with additional features in a simple, all-in-one package that allow it to grow and adapt with a child. The announcement comes on the heels of Bark’s recent $30M round of funding.

(PRNewsfoto/Bark Technologies)

(PRNewsfoto/Bark Technologies)

While the Bark phone can be configured with more restrictive

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Breakthrough Takes Us a Step Closer to Real-World Terahertz Technologies

Terahertz technology could enable advanced scanners for security, medicine, and materials science. It could also enable much faster wireless communications devices than are currently possible.

Scientists have discovered a new effect in two-dimensional conductive systems that promises improved performance of terahertz detectors.

A recent physics discovery in two-dimensional conductive systems enables a new type of terahertz detector. Terahertz frequencies, which lie between microwave and infrared on the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, could enable faster, safer, and more effective imaging technologies, as well as much higher speed wireless telecommunications. A lack of effective real-world devices has hampered these developments, but this

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WASHINGTON – U.S. intelligence officials have issued a stark warning: America’s status as a global superpower depends on maintaining a lead in five key technologies – and America’s rivals are trying to steal every one of them.

Officials said they are concerned that foreign theft of American technologies could not only rob the United States of economic leadership in the key sectors, but could threaten the country’s ability to even remain active in the industries at all.

The five technologies identified by intelligence officials are:

Officials cited legal and illegal activities, particularly those conducted by China, that have crippled competitiveness

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Bringing EverConvert onboard adds a major component to JZZ Technologies, Inc.’s arsenal for delivering top-tier digital media and marketing services

$JZZI – JZZ Technologies, Inc.

EverConvert - Digital Marketing

EverConvert – Digital Marketing

EverConvert – Digital Marketing

Calverton, New York, July 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In anticipation of major national media and marketing initiatives, JZZ Technologies, Inc. (OTC Pink: JZZI) has signed an agreement with EverConvert of Greenville, South Carolina, to help streamline the development and management of the Company’s fast-growing Active Lifestyle Media digital portfolio.

EverConvert is an innovative digital marketing company specializing in SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay-per-click) marketing, web

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For those looking to find strong Computer and Technology stocks, it is prudent to search for companies in the group that are outperforming their peers. Is Agilent Technologies (A) one of those stocks right now? By taking a look at the stock’s year-to-date performance in comparison to its Computer and Technology peers, we might be able to answer that question.

Agilent Technologies is one of 619 individual stocks in the Computer and Technology sector. Collectively, these companies sit at #11 in the Zacks Sector Rank. The Zacks Sector Rank considers 16 different groups, measuring the average Zacks Rank of

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